Tri-Clamp Filtration in CLS

I have some questions about trying to do in-line scrubbing in a closed loop system with carbon, celite, etc. I imagine the base of the column should be a filter paper on top of a filter support plate, held down with a retaining ring. Nobody sells filter papers that are sized for a 4-inch tri-clamp. I assume everyone is buying the next size up and cutting it down to size? How do you get a perfect fit so as to avoid bypass?

I haven’t done this. But one could go get a 4in pipe from the hardware store and use it as a cutting stencil.

Also can use a compass cutting tool for perfect circles

The problem with compasses at least as i’ve seen is that they poke a hole in the middle

Cover the sharp point on the compass with a small piece of plastic, silicone, wood, etc?

110-120mm fits fine and you don’t need to cut them. They fit with the retention ring fine.

Xtractordepot has them. 3m on up