Transfer pump for dry ice bath

I’d like to find a pump capable of pumping thermal fluid from a dry ice bath. I’m about to buy a random stainless steel pump and see how it does because I can’t find any pumps with negative operating temps. I appreciate any help.


check this thread

or open up a Jubalo and look for a label :wink:


A vacuum pump can do it. Just rig a vacuum line into the top of your catch vessel. Then a tube into the cryo and routed to the catch vessel apart from the vacuum port. A feed tube to the bottom of the catch vessel to feed cryo into the bottom would work. I use a small economy chemical duty diaphragm pump for stuff like this. No cryo fluid would ever touch any moving parts or the pump at all.

I have a three neck RBF I use for lash ups like this only for vacumming chromatography columns that are not set up for vacuum flash chromatography as an incorporated feature. It works great.

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These guys say they will build a version of this pump for any chemical duty. You may want to give them a call and see if they can’t make one for -100c+ acetone .

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Thank you guys very much!

@Lilibel is this something you guys might have?

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@Montanadabman @Sidco_Cat We do sell an air operated diaphram pump rated to -55C and is chemical duty. Its on our shop Chemical Duty Diaphragm Pump - Beaker & Wrench

Hope that helps.

Edit: You need an air compressor for that pump btw!


I knew you’d know!

Hey @Lilibel, OP is looking to run from a dry ice bath. So presumably they might be going as low as -78C.

They don’t mention dry ice Acetone, but scuttle-butt around here has acetone making a lower temp bath than dry ice and Iso or EtOH, so it’s formal possibility.

Do either of those take your pump off the table?

Is the -55C rating on your pump from in house testing? Materials spec?


@cyclopath Its Kynar, so materials spec. According to my in-house mechanical engineer, at -77C, the pump could only go to 50psi, not the full 100 psi rating. Thanks!

Edit: Can handle Acetone, Hexane, ethanol…its chemical duty.


@Lilibel You gonna make me look up Kynar to see if it will handle Acetone?

Guess I deserve that given my propensity to post:
responses to others :slight_smile:

Edit: @Montanadabman: Turns Kynar gets a D in Acetone. Not sure you care…


Does it require any power or is it ran completely from compressed air? And how much air does it require, is it similar to the mastervapor at all?

can it pump the dry ice and solvent directly or does it have be in a dry ice bath

I was using a diesel fuel transfer pump from harbor frieght for $100 until the cryo killed the motor finally. So I rigged up something like beaker suggested with a co2 gas attachment for those tough moments when you need a lil push

It is ran completely off an air compressor.

1 Like Magnatex can build a custom compressed air pump to operate at -80. They quoted me about $7k for the pump with a lead time of 16-17 weeks. I found them while searching for a lower temp alternative to the ARO pump you guys use.

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Can you install 3/8 swagelok tube fittings on the inlet and outlet port?

Yes, you/we can install 3/8 swagelok tube fittings on the inlet and outlet port.

What flow rate?