Trametes versicolor extract

Saw this turkey tail extract on Facebook. Is anyone extracting medicinal mushrooms(non psychedelic)? This is the most insane solid fraction from fungus I’ve ever seen. Anyone else crystalizing mushroom extracts?


wow… thats isolate

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Where’s the wholesale KGs at? :joy:

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of what though?? im so curious. what are the ‘actives’ in turkeytail and are these even them?

the shape, clarity and clean sharp facets are friggin stunning

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I’ve made some shapes like that with trehalose from other mushrooms too. That’s my guess.


I believe they are Polysaccharide. But that is also what I was super curious about.


Do you have any experiance with PSP or PSK? Have you ever tried a versicolor extract? Seems like Japan has a HUGE market for anti cancer medicine.

That fact that you have made isolated “sugars” from fungi is super awesome… I have a turkey tail I think I’m going to double boil and see what I get

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