Training Seminar

Hey, I’m looking for any feedback on the SPD 1 day seminar held in in Las Vegas by " Extracts Academy " is worth the cost + travel expense? Or should I put the money twords my SPD apparatus, relying on this great team here on Future4200? Thoughts?

Search results for 'extracts academy' - Future4200 may turn up more


ERS. elevated research solutions in Colorado does a short path course

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There are a few sop spd threads on here that may help you along w/o the fees from one of those companies


This place is an incredible resource,you absolutely could spend that extra cash on your rig, and learn everything you need here.

You will have to work a little harder, and might have to ask more questions that in a class with a well developed lesson plan.

There’s also something to be said for meeting a 1/2 dozen or more fellow extractors, in person, to add the same new skill…you are now part of a cohort :wink:


After some reflection on the fact I’ve learned 80% of my hydrocarbon CLS and dewaxing and winterizing/rotovap knowledge from this sight and dedicated bunch, I quickly realized the last 20% comes down to hands on. Thank you for the voice of reason. I’m off to study chiller tec. Thanks for the dedication Cycopath. Responding on Christmas day is true dedication. Smile.


I attended Extracts Academy and highly recommend it to anyone. The guys there are very knowledgeable and helpful. You won’t regret attending their courses!