Trade genetics any one?

What up peeps! :slight_smile: I have recently started growing again full organic soil. looking for people to trade genetics with now and in the future! currently I am running future funk, I have a few clones available if anyone would like to trade me a clone?

I’ll be running payer pupil clones soon, as well as papa smurf seed run soon!

Dm me

trading clones is sketchy= alot of diseases or bugs. I still dont mind clones but I really only got 2 good ones out of almost 30 varieties. I have old seeds that still pop id trade. I also have packaged breeder seedpacks id trade. most of the clones ive had were either poorly selected or had a virus that stunts growth. My mac 1, brusce banner, vanilla frosting, don carlos, and many others had that shit.

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What are your sanitation conditions, is your growth medium, IPM (insect or synthetics), guarantees, cloning hormones, clone shipper lights? All of this should be included per post to open dialogue (maybe if there is a new Cat, with regional posts and rules to avoid any mishaps (as we approach a more common practice, and this will attract other cultivators @Future )

Also, all seeds should still require certain sterilization procedures