Top Shelf Smokable $200/lb, Seedless

Hello everyone,

If you are looking for top shelf smokable, I’ve got a reserve batch of Suver Haze grown in central Oregon. I have about 200 lbs. Machine trimmed with two passes on a Twister. Zero seeds, zero mold. Nose is a 9-10/10. Color is light, and the flower is as fresh as they come.

Product has been stored with 58-62% humidity since harvest. Hand harvested and hang dried. After trimming it is nitrogen packed and vacuum sealed in 2 lb mylar bags with a humidity pack. Open the bag and the nose hits immediately.

Price is $200/lb, plus shipping. There is a 2 lb minimum order because that’s how they are packed I dont want to break open the bags. Shipping Priority Mail anywhere in the continental US is about $20 for 2 lbs.