Too much terpenes added to carts a bad thing?

Currently filling 15% terpene infusion from true terpenes to my 91% tree sap distillate. Originally did 9% and 12% but the cartridge I selected is pretty bad. Large ceramic coil but only 2 1.6mm oil intakes.

So my 12% terpene carts seem to be tastier than my 15% terp carts and was told by a friend that sometimes if you add too much terp it makes it less flavorful.

Any truth to this? And if so would I have to use 12% terp and 3% dilute to get my carts hitting the way I want them to?

Thank you!

Depends on your coil’s resistance.

if you know that it’s the cart that’s the issue, why change the extract to fit the cart?

Because you bought a 1000 before figuring out that all carts are not created equal?

Gotta learn somehow…leaving notes for those that follow might take some of that edge off (ymmv). [which cart should we avoid?]

Terpenes are quite expensive, why add any more that needed for the flavor you’re after?

As for the appropriate diluent for viscosity modification, there is plenty of discussion, but not a whole lot of actual data of the safety of huffing any of this stuff.