To Grind or Not to Grind?

Looking for some advice. We are about to do our first “nug” run. Up to this point, we have only run close trim. We have just about 3 runs to do and I have seen arguments on both sides of this question. Anyone have some ideas they can pass along?

not until you tell us which solvent you’re using…

gold standard is the “nug-buster” care of @Graywolf et al.

using a whirring blade will make all sorts of fines and open cells. this is more of an issue with ethanol that the light hydrocarbons I’m guessing you’re using (based solely on “nug run”). it does mean you need to filter appropriately into your receiver if you’re not also dewaxing or going through CRC.

Biomass Grinding at various scales? probably goes into the pro’s and con’s. it’s been awhile since I read it. again, probably more ethanol than 'tane relevant.

maybe scan through some of the hits to Search results for 'grinding' - Future4200


Cyclopath, thanks for the links very useful information. I apologize for not adding more information in the original post. Currently, we only do Butane extraction as it took us some time to get the system we have dialed in and want to make sure we really have it down before moving on to another type of extraction. We have a 2.5lb unit that we will be packing with some just recently cured flower.
After reading the links you sent I see that it should be ground and we started last night. Ugh by hand. I am having a little device made to help next time. Thank you for the advice.


My preferred method is freezing at -80C then running through a nug-buster. At 2.5lb “by hand” isn’t too bad. You’ll find plenty of folks use whirring blades (ninja etc).

When the boss drags home 40,000lb of unbucked hemp, then you can bitch about “grinding by hand” :rofl::joy::rofl:


Holly Hell! I would be crying like a little baby with that amount! I wish I had a freezer that could hit that temp. Currently, we are adding little by little and getting better each run. Practice makes perfect, right? We ended up cutting it all up with scissors. Did the first run last night and was excited to feel the difference in weight right away and the color is stunning. Funny how some little things like that can bring such joy. Thanks for all the advice…


Hit me up. I can help educate you if you would like!

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