Tissue culture specialist in Oregon.

Greetings GLG,

Any tissue culture specialist in oregon?


I just met with a seed breeder in Ashland area who seemed quite knowledgable and practiced- shoot me a dm and I’ll connect you

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@Octave did you ever find the info you were looking for in a tissue culture specialist?

The uniformity has peaked my interest considering I’m building a facility that will roughy house at capacity 34,000+ plants.


I’m interested as well.

Spoke to one guy on here but he’s a flake.

That’s all? To the moon you go

We have capabilities but are still putting the program together, will be ready to receive plant material in 7-14 days. Sorry it’s taking some time to put together, hopefully I’m not the flake…

@Octave We are on the east coast, I can ask around about someone in your area.