Tips for hemp live resin?

hey there i have been asked to process some hemp for a client and dont have much experience with The plant, i have only worked with cannabis. i am wondering if there are many differences in getting it to resin out for a nice dabbable product? i have done 2 separate runs so far and one of them sugared up nicely but the other did not. same material parameters and post processing.

i will also be attempting to make a vape cart formulation. i have messed around with a few different blends but they all seem to be crashing out in the cart some right away and some days later…

any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.

Only difference is the primary cannabinoid…both are cannabis sativa.

You might want to check the cannabinoid profile on the one that didn’t sugar. Might find you’ve got more thc in there than “hemp” should. Eg 1:1 is unlikely to sugar.

For carts, use the search bar. Lots of exploration on how to make a CBD cart that doesn’t crash.

Do you have in house analytics? Hplc?!?

Dialing carts in without an hplc maybe non-trivial


What he said ^^

we’re gonna have to change the name of this forum to AskCyclo here soon. This guy has all the right answers lol and always quick to respond.

you’re appreciated, @cyclopath!


Delivery isn’t always on point…



i dont have an HPLC mostly because our inhouse chemist doesn’t have time to run the machine. I guess they take a lot of attention to maintain and get reliable results? i would love to have some sort of analytics!

I would also say the CBD dominant stuff hasn’t had the amount of time to develop as the THC dominant stuff has.

We are still behind on terps etc. Hemp is catching up but the THC boys have decades on us when it comes to breeding

I wouldn’t expect yield or flavor to be totally on par for years to come


this first stuff was pretty nice actually 66%cbd 2%thc and 12%terps

Hmm 12% is on the high side
Not saying this to hurt you but that’s
So high that I would start to doubt the testing facility
Glad your content with the product thou

Unless your pulling it off a polyploid ? :face_with_monocle:

Pretty reputable testing facility up in canada, highnorth, we have been using them for a few years now. it is also delicious and super wet so i do tend to believe it. the hemp flower came in at just over 4% terp

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there is a company up here that has a product in stores with 76% cbd and they claim no additives. i dont see how that would be possible

Get a COA on it and know if it is…

I know someone that used to work at the lab but he left before they finished the formulation. Its a pretty corporate company I doubt they are into sharing COAs and whatnot but I will ask haha

That was not the route I was as suggesting…

You can buy the product?
Can you not get it tested?

In OR the consumer gets access to the COA…

have you ever encountered a hemp full spec hydrocarbon extract that doesnt need to be decarbed and blended with anything to be cart stable? im like 3/4 threw 4 carts from this batch that were filled right after purging and it is staying syrupy with no crashing so far. while the same product that i decarbed crashes right away. Testing came in at
57.58% CBDa
21.38% CBD
1.69% D9 THC
.78% THCA
.72% CBG
1.06% CBC

Nice! Those percentages look like they’re in the sweet spot for crystal resistance. High acidics but not too high, CBD below 40%. Compare with this ‘diamonds and sauce’ style concentrate that has a bit higher CBDa: Trump1 syrup with crystals wholesale Whats the strain?


Nostalgia grown in BC

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