Tips for cleaning bulk glass

Hey y’all in my lab we have been having issues with cleaning our bulk glass (mason jars and pyrex) and tools. currently we are using a 30L ultrasonic cleaner using hot water and Alconox. our problem is that i creates this film on everything and just collects any hash residue and makes it into like a glue that sticks on everything and is almost harder to clean off. At first we started with 100F degree water and the amount of alconox stated on the package, and have been reducing the ratio towards more water.

We use a Miele lab dishwasher. Pyrex comes out sparkling clean with no streaks.


what kind of deturgant or cleaner do you use?

You should probably start by typing “cleaning glass” into the search bar. 50 results, and the first many threads will give you no shortage of tips, tricks, and process reviews.

Are you cleaning this glass with solvent first or just dumping dirty glass into the ultrasonic bath? I’ve never had any issues with Alconox leaving any kind of residue. In fact, the whole reason for using it is because it does not leave residue. This leads me to believe that 1: You should clean your glass with solvent first (ethanol or something similar) and 2: you should rinse the glass when it comes out of the bath.

It could also be that you have so many resins saturating the bathwater that no matter what, when the glass is removed (even it’ll it was brand new before the bath), it will be coated in oleoresin, contributing to the film every time it is “washed”.

I’ve used alconox as part of a three sink washing system with no issues concerning residual film. I’ve also used it in both standard and commercial dishwashers with zero issue. My best guesses for you are what I listed above.


For cleaning wax or distillate i use 91%+ iso and distilled water then hot water, distilled water after that as well

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Dozens of threads, Ive made posts before how i clean but not in depth posts.

Its simple

If you are using Alconox you may want to think of switching to Detonox. I’ve had very good results using Detonox also make sure your rinse water is as hot as what you’re washing with for me washing Temps have been as high as 140°

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A portable SS dishwasher and Keylajet or Alkonox as the detergent has worked wonders for us.

We will see how long the dishwasher holds up but so far (~8 mo.) everything is working well. Our dishwasher also has a sanitize function as well which is nice.


I used to use my dishwasher but yea she needs a cleaning now.

I soak jars in iso till all dissolved and in a bag too so the outside gets clean, wash in distilled water, then piping hot water, then more distilled then dishwasher

Alconox absolutely leaves a residue!

But only when you use excessive amounts, also you should treat it as though it leaves residue and finish rinsing your glassware with extremely pure distilled water

You can tell how clean the glass is by the way the water beads up, pure water on immaculately clean glass has a specific bead and viscosity- you can learn how it looks through practice and knowledge of how one creates and stores pure water

Remember that air is a fluid and water is a solvent that dissolves many things, the humidity in the air is water dissolved in gasses and your pure water will very readily dissolve gasses as it is exposed to the liquid of the air

Soak an 200% Ethanol. Let dry overnight. USA Lab Ultrasonic Cleaner at 60-80C with a dash of Alconox = good.

Too much on the alco def will leave a residue, and taste.