Tincture Filling options

Hey everyone,

We are a small company just getting started and I’m getting the extraction process set up. I’m getting to the point of needing some method of filling tincture (30ml) bottles. Not looking for a full auto system as we are not really there financially to make that sort of purchase. I’m trying to find a simple/efficient solution for filling tinctures.

I’ve searched the forums and found a few leads but its from a few years ago, so I’m curious what advances or crafty methods we are using now as a community? I’ve seen some of the amazon options for bottle fillers, but I’m scared to pull the trigger on something like that from Amazon only to have it under perform when the time comes for it…

I’m getting a CartFarm vape filler for out vapes, but I’m unsure if that can be used for tinctures as well, maybe someone can share some experiences.

Thanks guys

ZONEPACK Liquid Filling Machine Automatic Bottle Filler Digital Control Pump Numerical Drinks Water Milk 5ml to 3500ml GFK160 (Machine) https://a.co/d/1sdbElp

I think I’ve posted this a few times already but this thing is awesome for the price. You could crank through 100-a few thousand easily a shift with it


That is a great solution and works amazing for the price, i love to see a good affordable solution to install and heat shrink tamper seals.

that takes longer to install and heat shrink than the filling does by far.


Ideally you’d link what you’d found. So that the next one looking could find it too.

Or easily confirm that the device @ky_cbd posted here is identical (or not) to the device(s) others have suggested.

Eg: you’ve presumably looked at

Are there hi-lights there that you reckon the next guy might find useful? Point them the fuck out (link them) so they’re easy to find…

… along with any other threads you found informative?

Thank for @cyclopath for the tips, I am new to posting and mostly a casual lurker. Those two threads you linked are in fact the ones that I started on.

The Amazon bottle filler that @ky_cbd suggests is the one I was referencing from previous posts I explored. My only concern with it is that it seems the solution has to pass through the machine and I can really tell if solution touches anything other than the plastic tubing its being sucked through. @ky_cbd can you shed some light on the internals?

I’ve also seen a lab bottle top dispenser

But I used wide mouth bottles so I don’t think these would work for me.

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The amazon filler works extremely well and is very accurate on measurments. Although the case of the machine looks large (about the size of a 12 pack of soda), when taken apart the inside is empty except a very small pump that the product will pass thru. Its very easy to clean and flush between use. Instead of keeping the feeding tube in the holder and bringing the empty bottles to it, ive opted to replace the hose with a longer one that i can hold and fill the 30ml bottles still in there case. can easly do 1000 units in a few hours


Thanks for the reply. This is very useful info and helps me feel better about taking the leap with that Amazon filler.
I appreciate the community help. Thanks again.

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