Thoughts on Synthetic Cannabinoids?

What are your thoughts on synthetic cannabinoids if the synthetic cannabinoids are 100% pure and are the same enantiomer/isomer as the naturally occurring chemical?

I connected with a foreign group who were synthesizing isolated cannabinoids for lab test standards. They now are commercially producing over 50 isolated cannabinoid chemicals for distro throughout the world.

Curious on everyone’s take

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If done by pro s i have no problems with it
But the fact for Now is that full spectrum is the most beneficial wich can not be duplicated in the lab

Good point. I feel a compounded full spectrum profile from isolates would be better for quality, consistent, adjustability at scale

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If 100% pure, I’m down. If you’re not pure and you can’t show me a mass balance of what else is in it, I want nothing to do with it


Just like everything else. Synthetic doesn’t matter as long as it’s done right. For a lot of things synthetic is going to be higher purity. The make or break question is what else is in there


someone needs to make some hydrogenated dimethyl heptyls

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A good number of the synthetic cannabinoids are extremely toxic fyi



Second this. Unless you mean for analysis?

My thoughts are this:

The synthetic cannabinoids akin the JWH napthoyl-indoles shouldn’t be consumed.

Synthetic cannabinoids for reference standards - just fine.

Synthesized cannabinoids that are found in the plant (thc, cbg, cbd etc) - I question the long term prospect for synthesis, especially at large scale, with advances in molecular biology (I am thinking of yeast engineered to make cannabinoids and who knows what else). But besides that, why try to produce what nature already provides?

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They’re talking about synthetic production of the “natural” cannabinoids in this case.

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A bunch of the “natural” cannabinoids are toxic as well.


I’ll post some screenshots of the book tonight


That’s interesting. Hopefully not getting dosed with those too much when i smoke?

Do you know which 50 they are? There have been similar threads on the subject and it was fairly debatable/subjective whether or not many of them would be worth much in the marketplace.

Thinking of it as “just because we can produce a cannabinoid at scale doesn’t mean it has value in the market”, outside of standard production that is.

The mainstream cannabinoids and mainly isomers, varins, acids, and varin acid derivatives of them. Some of the cannabinoid type chemicals were non native to cannabis and being explored for API.

Certainly far ahead of the market but opportunity nonetheless.

That I did not know. The stuff we always referred to as synthetic cannabinoids like JWH and all the research chemicals that don’t exist in the plant are obviously of concern but I did not know that there are naturally-occurring cannabinoids that are toxic. These are the types of concerning things we may start seeing pop up with all these unknown side reactions.

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I’m working with a US start up that’s operational in the production of synthetic cannabinoids, with strong revenue in November and December. Looking for minimal investment when compared to the potential involved. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please call/text me at 727-543-3419. Thanks!

THCA is the acronym for Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid

I want to know if anyone has a taste test up for Tetrahydrocannabinolic aldehyde :slight_smile:

interesting paper on synthing synthetic cannabinoids :slight_smile:

The plant itself makes both enatiomers but in different ratios. I dont think anyone knows those ratios or has ever really dug deep enough to figure it out. Having just one pure could be an issue with the types off effects you feel upon inhalation. Synthetically derived cannabinoinds, if done right and purified correctly, are just like the real thing so there is no real issue I can see with them. Its really all about those ratios that the plant enzymes control. If you can create both enantiomers and then combine them in the proper ratio I think you would be on to something, but again separating the two is basically impossible so good luck!