Thoughts on Grinders?

Anyone have any good ideas on a grinder for 300lbs/day alcohol extraction? There are very expensive solutions and things that look almost home made. Landing on one sight unseen is somewhat difficult. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks

I was considering SchutteBuffalo hammer Mills. The quote seemed expensive but the build quality appeared good based on photos/videos. They are a well respected equipment manufacturer in other non-cannabis industries.


SchutteBuffalo has a cannabis specific grinder available, Kannamill. They have a variety of screen sizes available, and two different size options the 4 and the 12. For the larger Kannamill 12 you are looking at around $15K for SS, roughly $25K Food Grade SS as base prices. The 4 is supposed to handle 100lbs an hour, 300lbs an hour on the 12.

Edit: I’m just throwing some info out to help, I don’t have one but it is part of the long term plan, I’ve used another of their hammer mills for hemp processing in the past and it was great, we were blowing through 55 gallon drums with ease…and ear plugs :slight_smile:


We’ve been using this:

However that Kannamill is pretty sweet. If it was in our budget right now I’d upgrade to that in a heartbeat. It’ll do the 300lbs, but I’d recommend getting the bigger size. Something with a continuous feed like the Kannamill might be more convenient in the long run.

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I would be concerned about the “whip” shedding debris that could be extracted. After all the “whips” are consumable right? I Imagine they would be subject to abrasion.

Can confirm, they do break down and need replacement. They last for a pretty good while, though.

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Also can confirm them break down, but also have never had problems with contaminants in concentrates from them.

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there is this one, too.

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Sometimes I get material that has been run through machine trimmers multiple times. I don’t mind it at all because I don’t have to grind anything.


Yep. Probably the gold standard. German precision and all that…

Damn, that’s nice. So what is the best particle size for extraction? We definitely need one of these in our life.

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Aren’t there wine grape grinders that are basically rolling spike strips? Wouldn’t that work? Idk I would use a rolling spike system.

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This is what I mean something like this but modified for cannabis. I’m guessing as long as all material is fresh frozen and like really dry this should work… May lose some stuff that’s why I think a mod where removable blades for ethanol cleaning . Maybe an explosive proof mod and a sparkles mod.

The Kannamill 4 can do 500lb+ an hour with a loader and unloader. You just need to know how to feed it properly.

I have used the Kannamill 4 SS and Kannamill 4 SS Food Grade for several years.

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Hello everyone! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out. We appreciate all of the positive feedback not only on this thread but also this website.

Do you work for us? HAHA. Thanks for supplying the info on this thread. Would love to hear more from you and your experiences using our equipment. Reach out when you have a chance…

Keep grinding, Dan.

Hey Dan,

I actually still haven’t had the pleasure of using one of your Kanna Mills :frowning: Hopefully one day soon!

I did get to use another milling/grinding piece with hemp and loved it.


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