Thoughts on Chemotype II Plants

Don’t hear a lot about type II’s too often. Seems like all the focus is on growing high thc, cbd, or minors, but rarely anything close to 1:1 cbd:thc. Of course we can’t do that under hemp laws, and nobody
wants to mess with anything but fire in the bm, but it would be cool if we would see more type II buds in the rec markets. Seems like there would be a market for it with a little consumer education; it;s good, natural, well-rounded medicine. Marketable or not, I can’t be the only one interested in growing type II’s in a legal state.

That being said, what is out there for type II plants? Sounds like Afghani landraces would be good bet for stable genetics. Any tested strains from good breeders you know of?

I used to grow some long ago that was pretty awesome. It was just an F1 of some outdoor grow Big Bud crossed with whatever ditchweed lived nearby that I hadn’t found and cleansed of males. This was long before any legal hemp was grown here, so the pollen donor was well suited to the local climate. The low thc pheno would barely get you high unless you smoked a blunt yourself, but had a super relaxing yet invigorating effect. Tasted great, looked killer, and finished super early. I was really looking forward to trying to breed it stable, because I saw the potential in it as medicine for people who don’t want to get high, or for myself for times that I want pain relief while staying sharp. Unfortunately, all my seeds were lost when I was raided a couple years down the line. Gonna have to try again when I get somewhere legal.

Anyone here have any thoughts on developing locally-tailored type II’s by using local feral type III’s crossed with type I’s? Seems like it would be a good way to give an outdoor crop an advantage for the local climate and seasonal day length. I’ve long been a fan of the idea of using local wild genetics to introduce specific traits. Hopefully the idea will catch on more. It could really help broaden out our narrowing gene pool in the world of type I’s too.


Medtree Seeds and alphakronik are two breeders putting out solid type IIs. Medtrees ac/dc cookies has won a bunch of awards and is a 3:1.Alphakronik’s Stephen Hawking Kush is still one of my favorites years down the line. It’s his Gobbstopper x harlistu. Mine is 1:1, but there are different ratios out there.

Before the hemp game came around, all you had were clone only type IIIs. Most breeders took these and crossed them with their best studs creating type II seeds. You can find high cbd phenos in the mixes, but you had to hunt. Now high cbd genetics are everywhere and generally cheaper than your high thc seeds because they’re now legal.

You could cross a feral hemp variety with your favorite thc strain, but I think you get better results crossing your favorite type I and type III together and see what happens. Generally, you’ll get around 50% mixed ratios or close to 1:1’s, 25% high thc, and 25% high cbd.


Cool beans, literally. :wink: It looks like there’s some good choices out there already. Definitely going to look more into both of those breeders.

I’m sure you’re right that results would be better, ie higher total cannabinoid levels, if one bred a high thc plant with a high cbd plant vs any cross involving feral genetics. I still think that there could be some very useful traits in the wild stuff, even if the cannabinoid content is extremely low.

Feral genetics have evolved uniquely across the country from escaped hemp from way back in the day, and influenced locally due to presence or absence of marijuana cultivation. I think most people would be surprised at the variety of feral genetics growing all around us. I’ve seen bushy little reddish plants that looked more like an indica, giants over ten feet tall with buds bigger than bread loaves, and all types in between growing wild, all thriving quite nicely. With so little interest in so called ditchweed, we may never know what’s really out there. Still think it would be cool if more people would look into wild genetics where legally feasible.

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I think some of the harlequin varieties can be type 2. It feels like it’s harder to find them now since everyone has selectively looked for the 20:1 ratios for the plant.

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Yeah harlequin was a 5:2 clone only if I remember right. We ran it for a couple years. It was good medicine and my preferrred ratio. All I have now is crosses in seed form.

I totally agree on the feral hemp varieties. I have some Kentucky feral hemp seed that came from a friend. Someone he knows in Kentucky collected wild cuttings and made seed from them. I’ve grown them out, they’re tall sativa like plants with some having autoflowering traits. There were also quite a few mutants in the bunch. I crossed an Autoflower pheno of the Kentucky to a type III Russian landrace Autoflower. Haven’t grown the seed out yet. I ended up just throwing the flowers in a hash run from that little experiment.

To survive in the wild since prohibition is pretty amazing. They have to be extremely resilient if anything. If I get more time/space I might revisit it. Where are you located? I’m in WA state and haven’t seen really any wild hemp here.

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I’m in Wisconsin. From what I’ve read, the wild stuff is all over the Midwest and Southeast, but not so much in the rest of the country. For sure it is some resilient stuff.

There’s definitely wild strains in the UP.

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I have a ton of untested Cbd/thc beans if anyone wants to try some out. The pollen donor is all relief now, and I crossed it with 20+ thc strains.