Thoughts: Decanter Centrifuge + filters + membrane winterization + membrane solvent recovery + FFE

Does anyone have experience with decanter centrifuges? Seems like you can process WAY more, but requires more post processing since you aren’t using a normal centrifuge with -50C ethanol.

Decanter centrifuge + filters + membrane winterization + membrane solvent recovery + FFE seems like a really high throughput solution


Yup. I am pursuing this with several parties currently. And if you use hexane it’s even faster


I’ve been hearing hexane coming up more often. Would you still use membrane and FFE to recover it?

if you use hexane, the flow through the membrane is faster


I’m able to get a centrifuge used for separating milk and fat, wondering if it’s possible to use it for separating the cold ethanol / wax mixture. I’m aware of the fact that the wax settles on the bottom in a ethanol solution so it’s different from milk. Will it be usable it seems like a decanter centrifuge 1400/8520 rpm. I assume filtration afterwards is still necessary


See this link to another thread

A few things to clear up on Decanter Centrifuges:

  1. They are traditionally used for dewatering applications like separating shit from water
  2. Particulate is only in contact with the spinning outer bowel for one to three seconds
  3. You can still run them even if your slurry runs out or low
  4. One of two uses of a screw press is to remove water from cannabis. Supposedly you can remove 70%+ of the water and only 1-2% of the goodies. This speeds up drying time.
  5. It’s hard to wrap your head around but in traditional decanting you pull stuff off the top surface of a pond. A decanter centrifuge is doing the exact same thing but some mad man a hundred years ago saw that it was the same principle if you combined a screw and centrifuge
  6. It is not a replacement for a traditional cannabis bag centrifuge

I really like the concept of a “traditional cannabis bag centrifuge”… I suspect others call those Maytags :rofl:


You got a link to the description?

If you’re referring to winterizing, yes I suspect it will work…but I can’t really tell how it is setup internally from the information given, and I don’t have time to do your homework for you.

[you could pay me to have time…]

It is not a decanter.

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Thanks, yes I understand now it’s not a decanter, I’m going to call the manufacture about it. Think I possible know how it works, a centrifuge with a separation because of density here milk/water density 1 g/ml and fat 0,9 g/ml

Hi, just joined this sight. We manufacture decanter centrifuges for extraction. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

This is likely a disk stack centrifuge. I wouldn’t think you’d make much use out of it for winterization, could be very effective for removing sub-micron particulate from your primary extract though.

That is a vertical, disc-type, self-cleaning centrifuge. Looks like a Westfalia model. It is not a decanter for sure! The 1400/8520 is the Motor/Bowl RPM. This centrifuge produces (like most vertical disc-stack centrifuges) 8500 g’s.

Due to it’s intermittent ‘self-cleaning’ feature, it is NOT suitable for high solids (hemp biomass) separation. It should work well for extracted solvent clarification.

Also, most of the vertical ‘self-cleaning’ centrifuges use water to operate the hydraulic sludge ejection mechanism which prevents them from being used with fluids much below 32F. However, the much higher g-force exerted by a disc-stack centrifuge (like in your photo) can significantly reduce the filtration needed for winterization. We have supplied these types of high-g, disc-stack centrifuges for clarification of ethanol post extraction.

A decanter is a horizontal centrifuge which exerts maximum 4000 g-force. A decanter can continuously ‘push-out’ the separated solids (biomass) which makes it well suited for biomass solvent separation phase of the process.

Feel free to reply or PM if you have any centrifuge / decanter related technical questions. Hope this helps.


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