Thompson Duke ACF1 Filling Machine + Accessories For Sale

Thompson Dule ACF1 Automatic Vaporizor Filling Machine For Sale!

Filling Machine Details: Designed to dramatically increase production and efficiency by filling vape cartridges and even automatically removing and replacing plugs on plug-style vapor cartridge models, you’ll be free to focus your attention on tasks that are less monotonous. The included vape cartridge trays accommodate up to 117 cartridges of various styles (up to 11.5mm in diameter), with design for custom trays and guides available. However, most cartridge styles can be easily accommodated by the flexible trays included.

We are selling this unit with 41 filling trays included + 1 Capper.

Capper Details: The American-made MPM Mouthpiece Fastening Machine is a semi-automatic, foot pedal operated machine designed to rapidly fasten screw style mouthpieces for vaporizer cartridges. The MPM is easy to use with a torque adjustment and clutch to prevent strain to the operator. Increase throughput by fastening duckbill, circular, bullet, or hourglass screw style cartridge mouthpieces.

Price: $14,000
Location: Santa Ana, CA (Free Pickup)

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Hello, we are very interested in this unit and are in Santa Ana. I’ll send a PM!

Is this unit still available?

We periodically receive inquiries from companies that have gone out of business and are looking to sell used Thompson Duke filling machines. If you’re interested in buying one, and this one’s no longer available, let us know:

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is th8s still for sale?

We have the same machine and accessories for sale now, in Eureka, CA! Please contact me :slight_smile:

Yo @Humboldt just sent you a DM about your ACF

If anyone sees this thread and is interested in one of these machines I’ve got one for sale for $12,000. DM or email

Currently selling a Thompson and Duke ACF1 + a bunch of extra accessories and the Capping Machine. Both are in Great Condition. Please contact me if anyone is interested.

Is this still available