Thompson and Duke ACF1 automatic filler for sale

Item Model/Manufacturer: Thompson and Duke (ACF1)
Description: automatic Cart filling machine
Price/MSRP: $ 11,500
Current location of item: Los Angeles
Estimated lead time: anytime
Fulfillment: Pick up only
User support / Warranty: none

Fully functional ACF1, pick up only. I can send pics anytime. Dm me if your interested.

How’s it going I am interested in filler. I am located in colorado though

I live in Los Angeles and very interested in your machine. Can you DM me some pictures please

Is this still available? I’m interested.

Yes, still available

Great! Can you send me an email off the platform? We’d love photos and to talk deal.

Is this still available have cash ready. Thanks

If @Spencerspielberg sold his, ive got one for sale, might need a part or two, its been in storage for about 5 years now.

Shoot me a dm looking to get one right away