This is a awesome research tool many thanks

Live resin , la cookies (Cali connect)
Day two of the Diamond mining


On the third day the diamonds kept growing.


That’s awesome

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Definitely taking some shape

Today’s update is looking frosty with a chance of more Diamond growth.
Set the thermostat at 80f But really though at 30c/86f , probably just going leave it at that temp because it’s working.
How long until they quit growing?
because I wanna dip inside and separate the sauce from the crystals.
But don’t want it to sugar up like the last batch

Also why is it I can upload a 16 second video a few days ago, but now I’m limited to a 5 second video to upload?

I’d really like to keep this a a journal of progress, and help anyone trying to learn by sharing exactly what I’m doing so they can recreate it for themselves…

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