Thinking about switching from jacks 3-2-1

I’ve been rocking jacks 3-2-1 since I started growing again. And I’m thinking about switching it up. Don’t get me wrong it works great and is super consistent but I feel the terp and taste of flower is not as great as other salts I’ve used in the past
Veg bloom
Flora flex

I do supplement with agt50 and that helps but still kinda bummed on the lack of smack from the flowers. Any suggestions are good ones just looking for some input from you gentlemen out there crushing it.

Have a great thanksgiving


After Jack’s, Athena, and all. I’m just doing total organic now. Mixing my own soil and blending my own teas. Bud just tastes better. But I’m only doing a small small grow…


^^^ @Boomtownpharms hit the mail on the head.
When the plant can access whatever it needs then it can grow to its genetic potential
If it’s missing or lacking one element or essential nutrient, it can drastically effect flavor yield etc
With organics, it is all there and available and the bacteria make the trades with the plants roots.
Or you can assume that some company can pack the right amount of nutrients in a bottle or two ,


For sure man… in OKC, I know of 5 places who all throw out their used soil. Just throws it all in dumpsters to be hauled off with other trash. If I still lived up there, I would buy a dump trailer and make a business out of that. Re-amended soil and soil pick up. $$$


I’ve noticed this too using Jacks; however, it also seems cultivar specific. Some hydro runs of certain ones seemed to shine in look, taste, overall appeal etc. While some just give up the funk in soil runs on minimal inputs.
I’m wanting all the goodness of soil grows, but it can be a headache with cleanup comparatively. I’ll stay-play with water a lil longer.


“Cultivar specific” is the answer to a lot of grow questions and decisions.

Fwiw I like my pro mix with worm castings, it is a cheap and easy way to get a little of the benefit of organics.


I’m glad I’m not the only one and yes I agree certain strains shine better but I feel I had better results with veg bloom I just hate cost lol

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If you end up deciding to go the soil route, look at the coco based recipes @AgTonik brought up in his thread. He also has some good feed recommendations for someone going the “organic” route.


I just switched OFF of super soil/living soil. Went drain to waste with Athena’s, agt-50 and some other goodies. I’ll never go back. It costs quite a bit more, but I can get way more tree that’s just as loud as soil in drain to waste.


@Alwaysworking you could consider changing the ratios of products you use, often the 3-2-1 recommendations can contain way too much Mg, too much N and not enough K and P for mid to late flower.

It is also true that many things can also be failing besides nutrients, often issues with vpd, irrigation, light, carbon dioxide or other aspects can be causing problems with the quality of the flowers. Management of the root zone - problems with media pH/EC, not with the input solution - are often common problems as well.

Nutrient recommendations without context can be very ineffective or even harmful if the real issue is elsewhere.


Pretty much every thing is tits minus some flavor and nose I know it’s missing. Yield and structure are always on point imho. I’d be down to play with the ratios tho for sure that’s a great suggestion my friend

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Organics isn’t the best and salt isn’t the best. A combination of both is the best.

Salts as main food, augmented by organic additions with low npk on top of salt food.

You can still use Jack’s but you can augment it with organic inputs like

Pure blend tea
Golden tree
Any tea
Peruvian gold bloom rush

And non organics like

Banana manna
Buzz bloom

These all have low / no npk value that excentuate the flavor / aroma / smoke

Also a good base fertilizer that has their sulfur content on point is the best option, like front row ag / perfect grower.

You can add sulfur inputs to your current base Jack’s like magnesium sulfate

And the biggest thing you can do ofc, is perfecting the drybacks and environment, can do alot with a random base salt with a tuned environment and irrigation. Everything else is a cherry on top


This is a beautiful reply my friend thank you so much for your input I will be deff trying some of these suggestions

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Edited after reading alllll theeee wayyyy into the 2nd paragraph hahahaha

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First of all, WELCOME @fourtay !

Synganic is fantastic. It is just hard to balance the nutritional content between salts and organic.

Because you aren’t giving the plant exactly what it needs is how you get that awesome taste and smell.


Really valuing all the reply’s on this topic. I got lazy and got off my tea game for some time now I already brewed a batch and am gonna be more proactive towards some additional additives and staying on top of a tea regiment thanks guys

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I just did a run with bio bizz organics and then another with master blend right behind it (all other parameters being roughly equal) and the MB was essentially tasteless compared to the biobizz. It was my first time with all synthetic inputs but I think I’m going back to an organic or hybrid style.


Jacks/Masterblend/HGV are indistinguishable if run well. Front Row Ag has a bit too much P that needs to be flushed out for my tastes. Athena runs their EC insanely high and is kind of wasteful.

Throw some kelp, fulvic and silica in there any you got some fire synganic that will yield better than 98% of organic that I’ve seen and have excellent taste/smell/terps and TAC.


Thanks for the advice. I already use AGT and I definitely need to get some silica. I was also working 12 hours a day during my last round with the masterblend so there was likely some operator error/neglect involved in the equation as well.