Thieves in Sacramento

If anyone sees any apothecary36 salves in bulk anywhere let me know we have only made one R and D batch and they were recently stolen.

The thieves took a life changing amount of crude from my boss as well. Help appreciated. Sacramento area $$$


peepers open yo! Any thing specific about these products in case they are rebranded? How large was the batch?

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500 chapsticks and a few hundred salves


Damn… that’s shitty… i hate a fuck n theif…


I’ll keep my ears and eyes open here in Michigan.


I would start with asking employees and the R and D people cause that’s wicked fucked up. No cameras? This is why it needs to be federally legal so that places can have legit police security. How much crude?


Really sucks to hear stories like this. At least no one was hurt in the robbery. The shitty karma will follow people like this.

Sorry man. I know this ain’t gonna make it easier to swallow but it’s all able to be made back. I’ve been home invaded a few times and been in some scary situations where I thought it could all end in a flash.

These people will get what’s coming to them. When you roll like that, it’s only a matter of time till the wolf’s become prey too.

Sorry man.


It’s all good I’m about to bounce back from this and be doing bigger things than ever.

We plan to do our official launch this month in the Cali medical market; if you’re in Sac, come show us some support at one of the local events. Im also looking for someone to work a booth with my team. Dm for more info!