Thermal fluid for rotos including decarb temps?

Currently using a Birko white mineral oil product, problem we have is after a few months it degrades and it starts smoking a little bit just doing regular solvent recovery, and smokes a lot during decarb at ~115-120C. Its bad enough we plan to decarb at night so nobody needs to be in the lab when the temps are brought up and the smoking starts, and have a pretty good idea of when decarb is done timewise so nobody has to stay in the lab to monitor things.

I want to change fluids once and not have to deal with this again, buy once cry once and all that.

Wondering what everybody is using for thermal fluid, especially those of you who are doing decarb and the associated higher temps in your rotovaps. A couple recommendations I’ve received have been DQ’ed after reading that in open bath applications these fluids are damaging to lung tissue or other nasties.


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I carry some heating fluid in my online store and here in Los Angeles. There is technical info on there perhaps it can help in your decision.


Just Silicone Oil is what you need

Pure Silicone Oil Dimethicone 55 bucks per gallon shipped: Silicone Oil Dimethicone Lubricant 1000 cst | eBay


I found that the 1000 CST is too viscous. The 20cst stuff is the best but harder to find 50cst in 100 CST would work great and appears to be the cheapest you can get a product called super lube which is pure silicone oil 100 CST for like 90 bucks shipped per gallon this is the cheapest shit I’ve found if anyone else knows of any cheaper lower viscosity silicone oil let me know


anyone run the superlube silicone oil long term in their roto bath with no burning off or issues