Thermal Conductivity of Concentrates

Hey Future 4200, this is my first post.

I use the thermal conductivity of water as a constant when determining feasibility of resistive heating applications for concentrates.

I would really love to have the thermal conductivity of quality water hash or rosin on hand to be able to be more confident in the performance of the things I am developing.

Has anyone figured out a thermal conductivity value for cannabis concentrates of any kind? Thanks all.

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Welcome to the future @amadeo! This is an interesting topic, and I hope some folks can chime in with their findings.

Thank you I appreciate the welcome and affirming comment. Kind regards.

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Bumping for interest

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I’d suggest looking at the thermal conductivities of related substances - I’m sure there is published data for various plant resins, and cannabis resin is going to be substantially similar. Maybe try pine resin.

I’d be surprised if anyone here had that specific data available and was willing to share it. It’s the kind of info that isn’t really all that important unless you are doing very very large installations.


Or maybe Tall Oil?


I bet its between 0.2 - 0.4 W/(m·K) give or take.

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Also the k value shouldn’t be constant, it will change as temperature changes (as it will in this application)

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