the "source turbo"

Has anyone used the “Source Turbo” by Extract Craft? My friend wants to make oil and I told him about this but would it be better to get a rotovap and a diaphragm pump?

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yeah, or just a simple distillation apperatus like this!

tell him to rock an oil or sand bath.
do this for the vacuum


Source Turbo looks way better on the counter top than the distill set-up - vacuum built in too.

Source Turbo is dummy proof - ran my first run last night and love it. Same Ethanol wash principles apply, but more for hobby or personal use. I’m interested to see how production can scale with it.

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This is debatable! depends on what you think pretty is!

This is a good feture, but you couldnt use this as a vaccuum source for say filtration like you could with the asperator.

Ever watch good eats with Alton brown?
he sums it up pretty good. He says to never buy kitchen implements that are unitaskers.
This guy has some great recipes if you wanna check them, funny show too!

Thats already a dead end! Falling, wiped, and rolled seems to be the concencus with evaporators, and continous feed is their motto!


It’s almost like those people in Spain putting weed in their keurig (sp?)


Use a regular mag stir, then use one of these to hold the flask and heat it

Oil or sand bath for a budget, but a glascol is a good option.

Sand would actually work great. Have it hold the flask the same as the Glas-Col. The surface area would be just as good if not better

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I’ve been watching the source community grow for the past couple years and it’s really cool to see. Troy (I think is it) is really involved with his customers there, customer support is A1 and the unit is very user friendly. It does have a bottle neck, with the distillation set up you could scale easily. Not on the source. You can use the internal vacuum for filtration there’s a piece you can buy or it’s built into the lid now(not entirely sure). I do have to say I don’t own one but it’s neato!

Watched thier EtOH Pro demo. First ever EtOH Pro introduction demo - YouTube

I dig it but I love rotovaps. Way prettier seeing it rotating in a flask.

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whats the largest size rotary evaporator one could use with a water aspirator vacuum pump?

Would the mag stir still work with the sandbath? I’m curious to try with that equipment

yes, it works well. You can even stir through
nonmagnetic grades of stainless steel and aluminum foil.

Thanks for getting back to me and for the wealth of knowledge you contribute here. Really grateful for this community.