The Sharrb Cart Filler

Item Model/Manufacturer: SHARRB Cart Filler
Description: The first cart filler with a glass tube encased in stainless steel, all the cart fillers created previous to this has plastic tubes, with terps degrading plastic, and a heated sleeve, the tube is bound to crack. With an enhanced version of previous cart fillers and a glass tube, this cart filler is proven to fill cartridges accurately and efficiently
Price/MSRP: $279.99/Promo codes dm me, wholesale dm me
Current location of item: Los Angeles California, Detroit Michigan
Estimated lead time: Days 1
Fulfillment: Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: 30 Day warranty, no physical damage done by user.

How to Use the SHARRB Cart Filler

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Local pick up available in LA or Detroit Michigan, wholesale orders dm us.