The Scale-up Bible

Want to make your operation bigger or better or more efficient or all three?

You need a copy of Perry’s.

Unless of course you already have the knowledge contained within its pages, or are comfortable just trusting the answers your consultants or equipment sales reps give you.

Here’s what the distillation index looks like. Other topics are similarly comprehensive.


Why say Bible?


What does this book cover in terms of manufacturing? Does it go into specifics on certain products like bho?

Because what we’re all really doing as extractors is chemical process engineering. Mark’s standard handbook for Mechanical engineers would also be useful, but a bit less so.

If you want to go big, the knowledge contained within this book could help you get there.

This does not go into specific product production details for our industry, as the focus is chemical/process engineering. However, if you read the relevant sections from this text, you will likely gain the knowledge required to get to the answers you seek.

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Not sure what extraction and the Bible have in common, but ok.


Definition of bible

4 : a publication that is preeminent especially in authoritativeness or wide readership


I hear your argument that this is your Bible, but I just don’t see the wide readership here.

Seems legit, I’ll check it out.

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Agreed. And that’s why so many companies can get away with selling rebranded chinese pharma style equipment for 10x what it can be purchased for from non-“cannabis” companies.


:relaxed: uh oh

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So how long have you had the book?

Yeah, educating the masses is definitely not the smartest thing to do if you want to sell them equipment.

(CO2 companies hate that he shared this one simple trick…)

Thankfully, I have no interest in selling equipment, and I very very rarely take on consults.

The knowledge is out there. Frequently, I find that knowing how to formulate the question that gets you to the answer you need is the hardest part. This book helps.


I have a project that can crawl the internet for cheaper products if people can just give me a list of what they’re searching for :relaxed:

I’m not able to educate but I can find the cheapest “right” product for any job if given a little bread crumbs.


This paper copy? ~6 months or so since I bit the bullet and shelled out for a paper one. I hate paying for textbooks. There are copies available in the big russian library in the sky though, which is where I started with it.

Previous editions found used for cheaper than the shiny new ones would likely be just as useful for the vast majority of people in this industry.

As a result of what I’ve been able to learn and apply, the system we’re going to be implementing will have about 60% to 80% reduced operational costs vs the previous design, and something like 300% increased throughput. And another patent to go in the war chest.

Of course, I’m a mechanical engineer by training so I’ve got a slight leg up on someone who doesn’t have as technical of a background, but most of the people I’ve talked to here would be more than capable of reading and understanding the relevant parts of this book and would be able to gain great value from it.


Can you tell us anything about your system your releasing? Is it ethanol or hydrocarbons boss?

I’m afraid this system won’t be available to anyone outside our corporate structure and we’re not for sale for any reasonable amount of money.

I will be sharing some select details with y’all to help level up the industry once it is fully operational and all of our IP protection is in place, but the most important details will be closely held trade secrets or patented. I’m not a fan of patents generally, but they’re a necessary evil in some areas.

I can say that this C1D2 type system will have a throughput in the region of 600-1000kg/hr of biomass, with something in the ballpark of 50kW of power consumption required to turn that biomass into saleable product.

For reference, 1200 L/hr of ethanol recovery requires about ±500kW of total power consumption if you’re evaporating and condensing it.

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Patents are only good for 20 years. So you better do 10+ years of advancements before paying someone to protect it. They also collect dust and are a battle to enforce.

Especially with Overseas. Your product gets into china’s hands you better work a distro deal for your cloned competition


I see the #1 problem with patents is that you have to disclose the details to get the patent. That’s why the most important stuff is kept as trade secrets, not as patents. Patents are solely there to wave in front of investors and financial types who only understand that form of IP.


Trade secrets are even more difficult to enforce. If you ask me.