The Miracle of Silver

Pathogens, viruses, bacteria and pests—ranging in severity, including the potential to devastate and even destroy single cell organisms—target plants, just as they do humans.

However, while humans would take antibiotics, probiotics and nutritional supplements to kill and prevent disease, what do you do about plants when confronted with these same issues?

The Protective Power of Silver in the Garden

No state that I am aware of tests for fusarium in legal cannabis. And it has come to my attention that it is abundant and wide spread affecting both yields and quality. Added colloidal silver into a reservoir will pay for itself as you will go from 1.5 lbs per light to 2.5lbs per light with much better taste. Try for yourselves and spread the good medicine to the people


Colloidal silver inhibits ethylene- You’re going to get a whole lotta hermies doing that!


Someone maybe a post about this a while ago but colloidal silver is what we use to make hermies and force seed production . This is great… for breeding projects lol


Read the article 20ppm in the Reservoir and all benefits .no lost yield from fusarium. Everyone’s used to get 3 lbs per light now that everyone is unknowingly dealing with fusarium they are only getting 1.5 lbs per. You only get hermis if you spray it on the leaves every day.

You don’t spray it on the leaves, you spray it on the apical meristems. Hermies would give me hernias.

Have you ever seen the dudes who overdid it on drinking colloidal silver?



Have you ever put it into the reservoir? 20 ppm to inhibit fungi? I understand if sprayed on the leaves above 20ppm it will produce seeds. But in the reservoir it will not from my understanding. You will simply double your yields and quality plenty of articles to back it up. I posted one from a respectable source

Drink a gallon of silver your skin becomes blue (thats 1 million doses. )drink a gallon or fungicide and your dead. I’ll choose the silver everytime. The article is from a respectable marijuana grower who says it works…do you guys just like to put people down I don’t get it zero realism here…

Florel is anethylene-producing PGR. You can also “masculinize” seeds with it. You spray it on apical meristems (NOT leaves!) and makes male plants grow female flowers.

It also works through the plant root system.


Who tf are you talking to?

If you talk to people in LA it seems everybody is getting 3.5+ per light. People love to exaggerate or use their one time best yield and they yield they tell everybody. I think its more realistically ~2-3#.

I’m open to hearing about different uses for colloidal silver but don’t just come in saying it’ll double your yield with next to no data.


Well I have seen countless articles that say is another Silver Secrets: Another Way to Kill Pathogens

I don’t read Max Yield, because I refuse to pay the hydro store green tax.

If I’m going to do a sterile run in RDWC or coco, I’ll use hypochlorous acid or H2O2 that won’t seed out my crop, thanks.


Hydro store green tax? It’s a free read. So if you want to pretend tour more knowledgeable than Countless master growers and their articles that you choose to not even look at you can continue in your ignorance.this site is has so much potential that is being destroyed. I came here to help people and all that I get in return is negatively and sarcastic comments. Keep the toxicity to your self people. Especially when it’s not rooted in fact show me any article that says you can feminized seeds by adding silver to the reservoir! People would rather pull info out of their ass than agree with someone on this site. Sad. Most of the reasonable people have obviously been run out guess I’ll join them

Sorry if I hit a nerve. I just try to think critically about inputs in the garden. Colloidal silver in particular just strikes me as very odd.


POMONA, Calif., Jan. 13, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Marvin Robey, spokesman for Live-Silver, announced today that tests made by Live-Silver of Pomona, Calif. indicate plants grown hydroponically, as well as in soil, indicate annual plants grow to twice the height and width of control plants when 2 percent of Live-Silver’s new supercharged colloidal silver is added to the standard nutrients.

“Experiments were made with tomatoes and medical marijuana. Both produced about six times the weight as well as the sinsenilla in the marijuana. The sinsenilla is the THC product growers really want,” said Robey. “Plants were very healthy and tomatoes had excellent flavor.”

Plants raised in soil also produced over five times the weight of control plants when the plant roots were watered with one cup of electrically charged silver when the plants were ten inches high; again with two cups when 18 inches high and with three cups of the silver when two feet high. At all other times the plants were watered with ordinary well water. The plants required more room to grow, so the production per acre was increased by four times when raised hydroponically and three and a half when raised in soil.

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Don’t be so closed minded and you will learn stuff. We all get that way time to time myself included

CS doesn’t make hermies. You use CS on a female bud site to get it to seed it. Same with sts. To make fem seeds.

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Send2Press is a free advertising service that businesses submit their own press releases to. They claim 6x the yield compared to a control? Really?

And it’s sinsemilla, not seneillia or whatever they wrote twice.


There is endless articles of increase in yield

Do you know the difference between articles and studies? Both the articles talking about yield increase site the same study from March 2010. Also, that study was done by a company that sells colloidal silver sooooo yea no conflict of interest or anything.