The memory of water: dynamisation of water for crops, seeds, etc. electro-culture

The memory of water: dynamization of water for crops, seeds, etc. electro-culture

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All truth goes through three stages, first it is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed and finally it is accepted as obvious. - Arthur Schopenhauer

THE MEMORY OF WATER Water has a memory, the story begins before that but the first to record data were:

The teacher. Vinh Luu discovered this by offering to answer a question raised by his wife, then a young pharmacy student, in the early 1970s: how does homeopathy work? With a Raman laser spectroscope (which measures the energy variations of a molecule down to the photon), Vinh Luu measured the electromagnetic value of several dilutions. He observed a difference in frequencies between each dilution. We know that in homeopathy, from the twelfth dilution, there is no longer the slightest presence of the diluted molecule; this difference in electromagnetic value can therefore only be explained by a modification of the solvent: water. This means that it keeps the imprint of the starting substance and that it transmits it to all the other dilutions that one wishes, indefinitely. And this mark is electromagnetic: it is a vibratory signature (energy). Each substance, the smallest molecule, leaves a specific and measurable signature.

Then the professor Jacques Benveniste, The hypothesis of the memory of water was made famous by Professor Jacques Benveniste, biologist at Inserm, with his shattering article published in the journal Nature in June 1988. Jacques Benveniste had triggered a outcry, proclaiming the existence of a memory of water. Its discovery, criticized by a very large majority of scientists, will allow us to foresee considerable applications, probably disturbing for some.
Nowadays Professor and Nobel Prize: Luc Montagnier. This is what Professor Montagnier’s team (Nobel Prize for Medicine 2008) observed: the information of a DNA molecule can be transmitted in water by electromagnetic means. “The facts are there” says Montagnier. “Regardless of their physical interpretation, molecular information (a DNA sequence of 100 to 400 base pairs) can be transmitted by low frequency electromagnetic waves through dilutions of water.” The ambient electromagnetic medium (the electromagnetic “background noise”) allows the transport of information (in this case the DNA sequence of a bacterium or a virus), from a point A (a container of (water where the DNA sequence is) at point B (another container of pure water). The molecule receives very low frequency radiation (7 Hz), which causes it to resonate; this causes a change in molecular structure, which can be measured.

Let’s not forget Dr Masaru Emoto) “Water is a vector of information and a transmitter of life” The idea of ​​Dr Masuru Emoto was to manage to photograph a drop of water freezing with the help of a microscope. After tens of thousands of trials, he made an amazing discovery: water stores not only good and bad information, music and words, but also feelings and consciousness! Healthy water forms, as Dr. Emoto discovered, wonderful hexagonal crystal structures. This is not the case with “sick” water. Diseased water is almost all water from the water supply networks! Water in asphyxiated seas, water containing toxic substances or which has been passed through by microwaves. But even more astonishing: the sound reinforcement with modern music (hard rock and haevy metal) as well as the fact of uttering mean or disdainful words made the water “sick” and prevented the formation of crystals!

The memory of water can be erased with an electromagnetic field like an electromagnet.


There are several principles of dynamization, the one that has caused the most ink to flow is that of Marcel Violet / Stanislas BIGNAN. But let’s not forget VICTOR SHAUBERGER, his principle of dynamization is based on the swirling of water and vortex in the manner of a natural river, or even RODOLPHE LAVINAY, who used a bulb to simulate the flashes of light during the stormy rains, the GERB Storm water is the most naturally charged with energy.

PARENTHESIS: Goerges Lakhovsky and are MWO (Multi Waves Oscillator) which can also energize seeds. ( -by-the-oscillator-% C3% A0-waves-multiples-de-lakhovsky-aumento-de-producci% C3% B3n-del-cereal-urdinkel-por-el-oscilador-multionda-de-lakhovsky /) For a MWO buy the plans here, it will cost you less to do it, be careful high voltage, call a professional for the assembly /! \ danger of death /! : index.htm

In the years 1920-1930, Georges LAKHOVSKY, engineering physicist, oriented his research with the aim of understanding the relationships that could exist between cosmic radiations and living systems. He was to come to the conclusion that the cells of the organism are nothing more than real living electric oscillators and resonators, whose nucleus emits radiation. He demonstrated that cancer in plants could be cured with a simple oscillating circuit made up of a single copper wire arranged in a certain way around the plant. Then he extended these experiments to humans and was able to cure tens and hundreds of people from severe cancer in hospitals in Paris. Despite these much greater healing results than with any drug today, this research has been put aside. With the rise of chemistry and the powers of the big pharmaceutical companies and their lobbies, this research has gradually been obscured until it is almost unknown to doctors and agronomists today.

Nikola Tesla. He brought the notion of longitudinal waves and scalar waves which he discovered to be of utmost importance in the generation of natural climatic phenomena and the natural communication system of life and earth, he could capture and generate them . This research contributed to the invention of radar and many other modern electronic devices that make up our current civilization.

Then, in the 1940s, a certain Stanislas BIGNAN hit the headlines of his time. He had built a wave-generating device, equipped with electrodes soaked in water. With this “special” water, he had saved and healed a host of patients 1 was brought to justice and, despite thousands of testimonies in his favor, was convicted of illegally practicing medicine. He died poor and completely forgotten.

The torch was taken up by Marcel VIOLET, engineer of Arts and Crafts, member of the Academy of Sciences and head of the thermodynamic and biological laboratory at the Paris medical and scientific research center. Already working on phenomena of waves and radiations. It started from the bases of the invention of Stanislas BIGNAN and, in 1957, deposited a patent relating to a dynamizer connected to an antenna and spoke directly on the sector, the wires of this one serving as receiving antenna. This device, equipped with an amplifier, a wave oscillator and a beeswax capacitor as a dielectric, captured and amplified, according to Violet, very high frequency waves that he called “biological waves”. . To simulate this radiation, he developed this wave-generating device. It was when he replaced the classic dielectric of his capacitor with beeswax, that he obtained on the sinusoidal curve of his oscilloscope, an infinity of secondary waves at extraordinarily high frequencies known as “grass-”. harmonics ”or herbal harmonics. Through electrodes, he concentrated this current in water for several hours and achieved the same plant growth accelerating results as storm water. These electrodes connected to the capacitor and immersed in water, transmitted to them extremely high frequency waves which he called “biological waves.” One of the characteristics of this biodynamization is that part of the metal of the electrode is transferred in very small quantities to water during the biodynamization process. However, this trace element is not detectable as a metal during the period when the water retains its biodynamization; it is only if this biodynamization loses its effects or the biodynamization is broken, for example by raising the temperature above 70ºC. The metal was therefore transmuted into energy. Marcel Violet liked to recall that it was The extraordinary effects of storm rains on the spectacular growth of vegetables, that all market gardeners know and use, that he inspired to research the causes of this natural dynamization of storm water. . 1! understood that the source of life was vibratory in nature. Confirming the work of Georges Lakhovsky and the experiences of Stanislas Bignan. Through electrodes, concentrating these “waves” for several hours in the water, he obtained the same accelerating results for plant growth as storm water. Science, in the person of René BARTHELEMY, speculated on the nature of these cosmic rays vibrating at 10 power 40 Hz (calculated according to a mathematical scale) and, while authenticating them, I recognized that it was not in its power. to measure them objectively. Thus for the first time, this invention has officially entered the scientific world. The results of its use in the plant, animal and human world exceeded all expectations. Marcel Violet was one of the first to experience the regenerative power of this energized water. In fact, in 1942, victim of a very serious myocardial infarction, condemned by the medical profession, he had resigned himself to his approaching end. Having nothing to lose, and against the advice of his colleagues fearing ill-understood long-term effects, he took this water in high doses treated by his device. He healed in four months, healing took place: the electrocardiogram returned to practically normal as well as the aorta previously unrolled and spiraled. After continuing to drink his biodynamic water, he reported that he was ceasing to age and at 75 he said: "I no longer know what fatigue is, physical or brain, and a recent test showed that my auditory and visual reflexes put me in a category where one does not find more than 10% of the young people of 20 years. " These experiments demonstrated that potato crop yields could be increased by over 30% with a simple spray of cosmic-wave energized water.

The story ends with Jean Pagot, with whom Marcel Violet worked for 17 years who developed his own machine (without beeswax)

Dynamization is the term to define water treatment, otherwise it is the term electro-culture which is used in France. The principle remains the same captured beneficial waves.
The natural Schumann radio frequency waves (7.83Hz) that surround the earth which are very important for the balance and health of almost all living organisms.
To do this, antennas, magnetic or not, are used, Lakhosky oscillating circuits, or paramagnetic basalt in the earth or in a tower. Copper pyramids are also used.

Guy Durand He has done research on the transfer of chemical and physical properties by magnetic fields. He proved how one can transfer information from one biological or chemical to another substance such as water or milk with a simple magnetic field of a permanent magnet.

Justin Christofleau He developed several electroculture systems from the 1920s until the end of his life in 1939. Thousands of hectares have been treated with these systems with great success. He exported thousands of systems to New Zealand, Australia, China, Africa and many more countries, which was already a feat in those days. He has shown through experiments that plants need waves more than fertilizers, which they often don’t need at all contrary to what we learn and think. He grew wheat on pebbles with only rainwater and natural waves, and managed to have a higher harvest than in the open field. He is one of the greatest pioneers, if not the greatest researcher and pioneer in electroculture.

Don Jose Carmen, Mexican farmer, he was able to show us that it is possible to grow cabbages of almost 45 kg and this with almost no fertilizer. These experiments were followed by research centers and universities, which had to recognize their ignorance. To achieve these giant vegetable results he used techniques he developed drawing on ancient Mayan writings and communication with plants and nature.

Walter Kunnen Researchers like Walter Kunnen in the 1970s and 1980s detected that army radar emissions had a signal harmful to life, thus entire forests were being degraded by the phenomenon thought to be caused by acid rains. After research, this was not true, because even in areas unpolluted by acid rain forests were perishing, the cause was the emission by the army’s radars from the torsion-levorotatory field. Since this has been corrected to today emit right-angled, it has even resulted in increased tree growth, so now trees shed their leaves a few weeks later in the fall.


The field of possibilities is enormous on the human, animal or plant level. In the agricultural field, improved yields, savings in water fertilizers and pesticides. A “Violet machine” would aim to replace synthetic molecules with information transmitted to the plant by water. This would make it possible to urgently treat various problems encountered by the plant. Beyond resetting the water and energizing it, you can also print a message using electrodes: carbon, copper, iron for example, which will help the plant to develop better or a more specific oligotherapy. The water obtained can also be mixed with a larger quantity of water because the information is multiplied, it is not a molecule which is diluted.

Professor Marc Henry and Pepinieriste Jean Thoby Jean thoby has developed a biodynamiser, using an electrode, but an innovation accompanies this machine, that of transmitting new types of massages from different plants, The transfer is carried out using a led from a pc. Fungi were eliminated with the bran generated by a fern.

Musicoftheplants (Italy), has developed a device (40 years of research) which transcribes the vibrations emitted by plants into sounds, therefore into music. Via sensors positioned on a leaf and a root, a box retransmits the ripple captured in sound . This device captures surface electricity. The difference in polarity between the roots and the leaves gives ripples: biorhythms.

Marcel Violet’s only patent. February 17, 1956, at 9h 5m, in Paris

Water subjected to the action of oscillating sources of ultrasonic, electric, electromagnetic, artificial or natural (telluric, cosmic or other) energy acquires particular properties which can be used in different fields. The present invention relates to a device for subjecting either the ordinary or mineral water, other bodies or different liquid, to the combined action of vibration artificial and natural vibrations collected either an antenna or on the electric sector operating as such, filtered and amplified by the elements of the device. For this purpose, the material to be treated is successively subjected to the action of oscillating magnetic fields and a dielectric filter capacitor mainly beeswax compound connected to an antenna and excited by a rotary capacitor or any other device generating frequencies; the collected vibrational waves being transmitted to the treated material via a metal electrode or an electrode comprising a metalloid, or even a natural or biochemical body coating a metal electrode. The appended figure schematically gives an embodiment of an apparatus according to the invention. Water, for example, to be treated arrives through a tube 1 in a capacitor 2, the central portion 3 is flattened and passes between the poles 4 and 5, an electromagnet 6 supplied with alternating current. It is subjected, in thin vein, to the action of an oscillating magnetic field at the frequency of the supply current. At the outlet of the capacity 2, the material is then directed by a tube 7, either in a container 10 containing a metal electrode 11 connected to the second part of the device, or in a tube 8 containing in its center an identical electrode 9. The material passes through the tube from end to end before accumulating in a storage container. The electrode or electrodes are connected to another part of the device essentially composed of a filter capacitor 12 comprising two series of metal blades leaving between the plates of the first series and those of the second a space of two to three millimeters, filled with a natural dielectric based on beeswax, but which may contain other elements which vary according to the purpose sought and a second mobile capacitor actuated by a motor 15; said capacitor being composed of two series of blades, one fixed 14, the other mobile 13 driven by said motor; this second rotating capacitor can be connected in parallel or in series with the fixed capacitor 12. In certain cases. the rotating capacitor can be replaced by a device producing high frequencies with lamps, quartz crystal or other. The installation is as follows: The device operating on alternating current, we search on the plug of courant 18, the terminal for turning on a lamp when the other lead of said lamp is earthed: water pipe, gas or other.Said terminal marked is connected, for parallel mounting, to one of the terminals of the filter capacitor 12 and to one of the terminals of the rotating capacitor 13-14. A highly insulated wire 16 connects the other terminal of the filter capacitor to the second terminal of the rotating capacitor and by a wire 17 connects of the two capacitors at electrodes 9 or 11. The treated material must not, at any time, be brought into contact with metallic elements other than the electrode. This can be made of a single metal, or of several metals. In the treated material, it leaves particles in undefined form: colloidal, molecular, ionic or other, the presence of which can more specifically orient the action of the treated material. The electrode can also be composed of a metalloid, or of a metal coated with a natural or biochemical body. It is obvious that the description and the representation made of the device have only been given as an indication and that any means producing vibrations of higher frequencies can be used without departing from the scope of the invention. ABSTRACT: The invention relates to a device for subjecting water or other bodies or liquids to the action of oscillating, artificial or natural energy sources; for this purpose the treated product is subjected successively to the action of oscillating magnetic fields and has a dielectric filter capacitor principally composed of beeswax, an antenna connected to and excited by a rotary capacitor or other frequency generating device ; the vibratory waves collected being transmitted to the material to be treated via a simple or composite metal electrode or a metalloid or a metal electrode coated with a natural or biochemical body, chosen according to the result to be obtained,


There is a book by Marcel Violet “le secret des patriarches” and an audio conference, both FR. Marcel Violet / conférence sur la biodynamisation de l'eau. - YouTube set youtube for the translation of the subtitles in ENG The only two known photos of the machine (1977) and additional diagrams which form part of the only experience report.

View of capacitors C1 and C2 and the electromagnet

General view of the electro dynamization device




Com. Energ. Lives. Emot. Flight. I 1977



Within the framework of a fundamental research on the processes which bring into play what we could call universal vital energy (or cosmic bioenergy, etc.), we were led to be interested in a process known under the original name of “device for the electro-vibratory treatment of water and different blows or liquids”. This device was described by its inventor, VIOLET !, as early as 1956. The same author developed a theory for the understanding of the effects of his device on water and liquids, and, consequently, on the living organisms provided with water. or treated by them 2. It reports in particular various results which attest to a significant increase, if not even very significant, qualitatively and quantitatively, of agricultural production yields, for example. It also testifies to certain therapeutic virtues of products treated by its device and in particular water. In this area, its results seem paradoxically ahead and behind our time. In advance, in that, as with any strong personality, technical or scientific prowess was easy for VIOLET, as its scientific heirs © have told us. He joins REICH and a number of others whose original experiments, although they were controlled and verified during their lifetime, remain difficult to reproduce. Late, finally, because since his death a few years ago, unexpected and convincing uses and developments have been made, which are modeled on the principle of his device. Mention may be made of the combination of the latter with “shaped fields”, or its use in anti-cancer therapy, by injection of the output signal on an intravenous probe.


  1. The theory of the device will be outlined later in this article. The opinion which will prevail here is that the hypothesis of M. VIOLET, and which we will make our own, has the merit of covering phenomena that classical biophysics does not allow to interpret. These phenomena are therefore described as the results of a very particular occurrence, in which the existence of a cosmic vital energy takes place - VIOLET uses many analogies with electromagnetism. Without leaning on the opposite side, however, with explanations based on particle physics, we will be less daring on a second hypothesis. This one regards the universal vital energy as being of a polymorphic nature, at the same time corpuscular and undulatory, but also other than of these two forms-1à. A description until now still satisfactory is given to us by W. REICH 6. 5.


VIOLET introduced the qualifier of electro-vibratory relating to a technical device on the occasion of its development. In ordinary practice, the word vibrated is used, for treated water, for example. This term appears to be highly questionable. It refers in fact to an electro-vibration, apparently a set of ill-defined phenomena where the cellular oscillation and the macroscopic movement proper to the cell overlap, but also on a sub-microscopic scale, the combinatorial game 'of the vibrations of the cells. electrons and other particles in the nucleus with their associated waves. All this part of biophysics, we have to admit, is still full of unknowns. However, to the peremptorily implicit assertion of VIOLET of a wave nature of the phenomenon, natural, through which its device would operate, we will prefer the less restrictive term of electro-dynamization that emphasizes the effect rather than the cause of the phenomenon. By thus semantically marking our preference for a certain pragmatism - that the device works matters to us more than knowing whether its principle is exact - we believe that we are orienting a research policy, in this field of energy at the base of life, less mechanistic, and more emotional.


For the series of experiments referred to in this article, a device in agreement with VIOLET was used, the average characteristics of which, given for V = 90 V, are as follows, including modifications compared to the process. original (see fig. 1):


On the other hand, the apparatus used is supplied under the variable voltage V adjustable by means of the rheostat R; the voltage U is measured between the treatment electrode E and the mass, and the curve U = f (V) constitutes a characteristic of the device (see fig. 2). The output signal on electrode E, read with an oscilloscope; is roughly sinusoidal, its general shape for an average value of U is given by figure 3. On the other hand, the flow D of the liquid passing through the device (successively: in the double air gap of the electromagnet , by a U-shaped circuit, then in the so-called treatment cell where the electrode E is bathed) is adjustable independently of the variations of V; its maximum value taking into account the construction of the device is 180 1 / h. We can have the intuition here that the electro-dynamization efficiency increases with U, but is a decreasing function of D. This efficiency is not a precisely defined concept, only allowing a qualitative assessment of the effectiveness of the treatment. Before each experiment, the connection (after rheostat R, at the input of the device itself) is checked by a phase indicator image
so that the active circuit is always connected to image
, the neutral (N) being therefore connected to ground. The tests to demonstrate and quantitatively assess a specific stimulating effect of the device described above mainly focused, when it comes to treatment, on water (quality: tap water), but also on wine, fruit juices, etc. This energized water was subjected to various controls, by measuring, in particular, kinetic values ​​(evolution of saprophytic cultures, or on nutrient agar; acceleration of dormancy and speed of germination of various seeds, etc.), but the best criteria, retained below, are ultimately the simplest: we tested the treated water on animals (and humans) by making a number of statistical readings, and comparing two numbers of elementary events , respectively: when the guinea pig will drink energized water, and when it will drink another water, or even the same water, but not treated, taken just before passing through the device, on the same date. Every precaution has been taken to lure the guinea pigs by increasing the number of drinkers, their arrangements and the water qualities. We proceeded in single and double blind. The time (also: the date, and to a certain extent the weather) at which the treatment is carried out matters considerably: the best time is between 9 and 1 p.m., solar times; the worst is at night. We find here a strict analogy with the process of orgone accumulation described by W. REICH 6-7, Finally, the quality of the metal of the electrode, single or multiple, cannot be neglected, although VIOLET indicates that the dynamization is carried out even with an electrode “of a metal coated with a natural or biochemical body” 1. This coating leads to the electrical insulation of the electrode in the medium of the liquid to be treated, conductive or not (case of oil). We are therefore led to suspect, as to the nature
of the dynamization process, an interpretation other than electrolytic. It has in fact, many times been suggested that the beneficial effect induced by the device resided in that the metal electrode, which loses weight during operation, lets trace oligo-elements escape. We have noted decreases in electrode mass, always negligible, but often rapid corrosion, especially with iron and aluminum. In practice, the materials selected for the constitution of the electrode have been: graphite, copper, iron, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, zinc. In order to standardize the results below, the same iron electrode was kept for the same experimental series (with some exceptions). The various remarks that precede allow us to fix the characteristic variables of a treated water sample:
-date of manufacture (including time, H);

  • flow rate D;
    -d.d.p. at the entrance to the cell, U;
    -We also note the temperature of the water.


They are expressed in the following table and relate to an experimental series spread over 3 weeks. The animals chosen for the tests are a couple of mice (one female and one male, adults). These tests are carried out on the day the treatment takes place (the energized water loses its power after about 15 days). We note in each test the number of times:

  • n when a mouse drinks treated water;
  • N when a mouse drinks untreated water.


(+): r = n / (N + n); this ratio gives the percentage of preferential choices for treated water. The probative values are those which exceed 50 5. ‘
(++): T = n / N; Test a multiplier coefficient which figures the preference for energized water.
We see that, overall, the latter was chosen one and a half times more than untreated water. This objective result does not take into account what direct observation teaches, namely that a particular phenomenon takes place which sees mice as attracted to energized water (as if the latter radiated over several decimeters: rodents adopt a characteristic behavior in his presence, muzzle raised, breathing accelerated to excite the flair, posture of strong excitement, etc.)
(a): the drinkers were moved several times during the test;
(b): like ditto;
(c): copper electrode.


The effectiveness of the revitalization treatment by the VIOLET device has been proven, within the limits and experimental conditions which were ours. The electro-dynamization efficiency (v. $ 3) is an increasing function of U / D; as a first approximation, the ratio of preferential choices for energized water is image
The temperature of the water, the arrangement of the space where the animals drink, the quality of the material of the electrode as well as various other secondary factors do not seem to have to be taken into account. These positive experiences corroborate the thesis of the possible capture of an ill-defined dimension, which can be admitted as a component of diffuse vital energy, by means of an antenna plunging into the medium where said energy circulates, here l 'atmosphere. This antenna, in the present case concerned, is none other than the gigantic net of the network of electric cables which covers the globe. In fact, if the VIOLET device does not have its active circuit connected to the mains phase, the electro-dynamization efficiency drops, otherwise it reaches zero. The later stage of the problem, unsolved to our knowledge until now, would consist of knowing whether the bioenergetic distribution considered is localized or not to the simple biosphere, or, like the REICH 6 advance, if it is also extra- atmospheric, that is to say spatial, or cosmic. The experimental means necessary for this verification are not within our immediate reach.


1.: Patent F 1 142. 722
2:: M. VIOLET, ‘Le secret des patriarches", published by author account, Paris, 1971.
3.: J. QUENTIN, S.A.A.P.E.V.M.VIOLET, personal communication, Paris, 1975-1976.
4.: Experiments carried out at LOG in 1974-1975, in which the effects of kheopsiform pyramids and electro-vibrated water on seed germination were compared and then associated (unpublished).
5.: Doc. P.M., personal communication, Paris, 1977
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7.: The orgone energy accumulator, W. REICH Foundation ed., Rangeley MA, 1951.


Water memory contradicts current scientific understanding of physical chemistry and is generally not accepted by the scientific community.


People say Masaru Emoto was a pseudoscientist, I thought his experiments were interesting though.


*It’s got electrolytes. It’s got what plants want. *


U-P-G-R-A-Y-E-D-D. The two D’s are for a “double-dose of science”



Homeopathy is the biggest crock of shit.


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Should be noted that falsehood also goes through these steps


Marcel Violet:

Photo : Carrots, left : 2 carrots untreated, right : carrot where the seeds were soaked 8 hours with treated water with the bio-oscillator before being planted.
first : untreated potatoes
second : potatoes that has been sprayed with treated water.

** Photos below **: The giant sunflower head of more than 57 cm with which Richard was able to obtain the France record for the largest sunflower head in 2019. The seeds were processed or energized under a pyramid, then next to the sunflower was positioned a round paramagnetic tower. In his garden he also brought paramagnetic basalt and installed cylindrical magnetic antennas connected to galvanized wire.

Test with 2 raised beds, one with and one without Electroculture

Result: ca. 100-120% yield increase in the same time period. No parasites or deseases in either bed.

Visit the English site of Yannick Van Doorne, the specialist in electroculture in France. info, video and more.

Don’t you want to? :roll_eyes:

It costs almost nothing, it is ecological and respectful of the environment, permanent and lasting effects, no need to start again the following years, savings and more yield!

it dates from 2010 in Lyndonville, Vermont