The LAB---BRAND Collab Thread

It is 7:10am on 7.10.2024. Here we go!

This thread has one purpose: connecting established brands and labs with white label capacity in various states. Whether you’re a brand looking to expand your product offerings or a lab seeking new partnerships, this thread aims to foster productive connections.

We’re covering everything from edibles and tinctures to vapes, concentrates, flower products and more. The goal is to establish a network of operators that can work together to encourage innovation, uphold high standards within the industry, and navigate multi-state operations seamlessly.

How Does It Work? We’ve set up a Google Form and associated answer dashboard on Google Sheets to gather and display essential information from brands and labs. This form and spreadsheet will serve as a foundation for building our comprehensive database where everyone can find suitable partners based on their specific needs and capabilities, including regulatory requirements expertise across different states.

Link to the Google Form for new submittals:

Link to the answer dashboard to review previous submittals: Cannabis Brands Seeking Expansion - v3.0

What We Need from You:

  • For Brands: Share your requirements and objectives, whether it’s product specifications, production volumes, or a go to market strategy regulatory preferences across states.
  • For Labs: Highlight your manufacturing capabilities, certifications, and operational reach across multiple states. Showcase why your lab is the perfect partner for brands looking to expand.

Important Note: Engage at Your Own Risk Please be aware that the companies listed in this database are not vetted by Future4200. Engage with potential partners at your own discretion and conduct due diligence. If you encounter any bad actors or have negative experiences, please report them to the community for awareness and caution.

Let’s make this thread a hub of knowledge exchange and meaningful connections.

A special thanks to Zach and @johnbigoilco from Big Oil Co. for assisting with the form and spreadsheet design and putting in the work on this project.

Let’s level up together!


I like this…slightly weary of the unexpected ways this forum may figure out how to sabotage something like this, but still hopeful dammit lol

Thanks to @Sidco_Cat and whoever else helped facilitate this idea!


We will overcome. Good always finds a way. Let’s level up together.


Form sent. Solida Labs looking forward to supporting brands and business’s with ingredients or co-packing services.


Not sure how we can fit in, but if anyone needs an introduction to a lab in Arizona or New Mexico then hit us up!

We deal with numerous labs in both of these markets and we’re more than happy to help anyway we can.


Invite them to connect!

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Very exciting to see this post go live @Sidco_Cat, it was excellent working with you on this idea and looking forward to the thread hopefully gaining some traction to connect more brands and labs together in a way where everyone can benefit!


HyRule Cannabis manufacturing in Missouri -Love talking to anyone. Holler.

Thanks for doing this! And killer form.— thank you!