The Kronos Machine by CBD Inc.


Have you heard about the Kronos machine by CBDinc?
Can process bales of fresh hemp in silage form, processing unit can hold up to 2000kg.

Whats your thoughts?


Looking at the movie several things don t seem right
A directly from the land into the machiene seems like very humid biomass to me
Ethanol treu micro cracks don t think biomass ever gets fully saturated
-30 C to saturate that biomass is gona pick up Waxes
and If recidense time is more than a minute chlorophyl
A lot of etho Will be left behind with goodies what a waste
Think that for now iwould not invest in this machiene


Looks like a novel idea, not sure how desirable this thing would be long term. At least it handles the material for you!


10hrs from bale to??
what was the flask he was swirling at the end?
certainly wasn’t finished distillate based on the viscosity.


Lots of unanswered questions indeed.


oh wow… where to begin. ignoring the absurdity that is microcrack extraction, they set up one of those yhChem wiped films and call it an extraction unit? “using vacuum operation and molecular distillation with realtime analysis to extract the cbd” as they show the chinese wiped film unit… oh lord. i cant… i mean… come on man, this is such a joke.

extracting in a hydraulic press? no… solvent evap in a small (relatively) wiped film? no…
im sure this a great solution if you want to ruin 2k lbs of biomass in 10 hours…

these people obviously have no idea what theyre doing, almost guaranteed china reseller offshoot that threw something together based on their absurd ideas and false info from lurking around the cannabis refinement space.


Is there a you tube video i couldnt find much info, there website doesnt seem to show much abot there equipment


Neither does the video advertisement that OP posted.


Yeah looks pretty Chinese.


Seems to me it’s nothing more than a hydraulic press version of the capna…