The doob cube

Does anyone have experience using one of these?

I’ve had a futurolla knock box and did not really like it, these seem a little more solid and price is somewhat reasonable at 2k.

I did get this sweet mike Tyson cutout at champs that I’ve been hiding around the shop to terrify my employee though, so props to futurolla on that


I tried this. I found it difficult to clean - and inconsistent with the cone weights (more inconsistent than some machines). Always overfilled - which meant that above having to twist/fold in the tops, my team was also having to “dump” material out.

It says it can do any size - it cannot do any size. Some sizes work, the skinnies not so much - so much weed would pass through and get all over the filter end. The longer ones (2 grams) were too tall.

The grinder grinds thing to fine IMO. Making for a harder pull/smoke and also keeping things lit in general.

I’ve also tried rocket box and knockbox. plus hand loading with plastic trays (no vibration/tapping except by human hands).

I’ve stuck with the knockbox now - cause I can clean it and its pretty darn consistent in the fill weights.

The rocketbox was okay - but if you aren’t doing 25000+ prerolls a day, cost too much. Plus its grinder was basically terrible as well. I’ll stick with a high tech shredder and screen filters any day from these other options.


Have you tried anything from custom cones like the King Kone?


This is my current setup, works fairly well, would totally recommend for anyone trying to get started

Haven’t used the king cone

What is everyone’s preferred grinding method? Screening? I have a buddy with a futurola shredder considering getting it, the blender I’m using is too fine of a grind, creates tight joints with side burn.

Any preferences on dryness?


Thanks for the great advice and reviews!

The Cubbeeeeeee haha it’s the bees knees!

We are stoked on our purple one, it’s been cranking out thousands of cones per week for the last year. Super easy to use, super consistent, couldn’t be more efficient. If you have any trouble, the guy who builds them is incredibly responsive and will even work with you in person to define your perfect pre-roll. From cbd to dry crumble; from 60mm - 110mm, you can’t go wrong for the price and quality.

Hope this helps anyone trying to decide! :green_heart:

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I literally posted a cheapo DIY setup that compares to most of these expensive marked up machines lol. A company even started buying the dental vibrating tray and marked it up 3x after seeing me post it. Wdym


Use code “Mcsmoke” for 5% discount…


Welcome to the future @McSmoke! Nice board on your instagram. Interesting stuff, especially the corn cob board. Tell us more about your boxes, maybe a couple pics. Do you offer other colors as well?


I’d be interested in the corn Cobb freeride setup as well that’s looking sick af


You caught me!

I’m a little bias because I, too, have used all machines and the only one that hasn’t crapped out and keeps producing quality cones is the Doob Cube.

I’ve been building original products for years and I stand behind those I believe in. When someone clearly hasn’t taken the time to learn or ask for help; and, when someone has negative intentions(works for the competition), I have to speak up.

I’ve been around the block with the Cube and 99% of the cones, using an average grinder, come out on point, literally within .03 grams of each other.

Additionally, cones are supposed to be filled to the top bc they still need a little tamp and twist, any bouncing device is counterintuitive.

Get you a machine (The Cube) that is 2 in 1: a screener and a sifter. This way you have only the ideal material for the ideal cone- no limps, no runners, no burnouts.

Also, if you’re not aware, when you buy a Cube the company offers to do the first round of cones with you, that way the machine pays for itself in the first run and you know EXACTLY what to do.

Thanks for the compliments on my longboards, I have a lot more to post! They are all pressed in-house and the art cnc etched into the veneer for permanency. They are made of multiple layers of maple, fiberglass and carbon fiber/kevlar :hugs:

Anyway, Do the Doob!


Thanks for the code :muscle:


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can you put me in touch with the folks at Cube?


Hey, sorry we’re late to the party!

We’ve been rockin’ and rollin’ around the world and getting louder.

If you want a machine that makes the most of your material, here’s what you should know about Doob Cube-

  • It uses 84, 98, and 109mm cones.
  • It does 1 - 285 cones at a time.
  • It has a .03g margin of error.
  • It screens your material to a consistent quality.

We will guarantee your success with in-person and virtual team training.
Call us, email us, message us, send smoke signals, whatever; we have your back.

To avoid limps and runners- do the doob.