The boring for hire post

Someone on this forum flew you out and gave you a job, you didn’t work out then slandered and attempted to sue them

You deserve nothing from this forum

Go ask for handouts from somewhere you haven’t been a nuisance


Actually, they made me work for 5 days, didn’t explain why it didn’t work out .

All I know is I unclogged his MEP30.

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You may be right. But I’m just trying to survive. If you feel that way, go tell whoever made this app to take me of permanently :+1:


@HappyFeet420 you really don’t know who the founder is?


The guy from Microsoft supposedly or some shit. I really don’t give

He can jerk me and make me :pinched_fingers: :facepunch: :sweat_drops:

Point proven.

This guy?

I have a seizure every time I think about him. ^^^^^^^^

so you soaked some shit in ethanol for a few hours? lol

buddy good luck

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Nah his issue was bigger than that. He was trying to dewax and remediate hundreds of fresh frozen lbs a day. But was doing it with a 3 inch wide column by something lol. It was really small.
So I told him to upgrade to a 6in*6in or more for remediation/dewaxing and boom

remediating what?

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My bad for the confusion.
Run hundreds of lbs of fresh frozen, dewax with a dewaxing column that’s not the right size and remediate hundreds of lbs of solution through a crc column that’s not the right size as either. My memory is fucked up but I know and remember what happened personally myself but I can’t explain. When I do, my brain shuts off.
It’s hard to explain.

“Hire me”


Suck me

Even better-- “Hire me to play with hydrocarbons under pressure”


Checks out

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lol :laughing:

Since when does an MEP30 have a dewaxing column? Also a 3inch crc column is pretty standard, anything much bigger is actually stupid because the increased surface area makes it so the solvent hits less crc making it less effective(unless youre running a massive system of course, im speaking purely of something running like 5-10lbs at a time).

honestly you could run a 1inch crc column, only issue is the amount you can run through it before it actually gets wet and starts slowing down the flow.

buddy buddy buddy, for someone as cocky/arrogant as you have you actually dont know what you’re talking about at all lol