The best Pod System (2023)

Since the EU ban on disposables is coming closer I would like to talk about pod systems.

Which pod system do you recommend, and which extract do you fill it with? We are specifically looking for a pod system for thick oils.

Let’s go.


they will ban on all disposable ,cannabis and nicotine , or ban cannabis disposable only?

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HI ,I’ve already sent you a message. Please check it.

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Afaik all disposables.


Currently searching for a pod system aswell, looking at CCELL/Jupiter and ECAP. Does anyone have any experience with their systems? And are there any other interesting brands we should look at (not iKrusher)

Europe currently has this call, but outlawing is estimated to be impossible for the time being, and now many initiatives, so the legislation is undecided.


woops. Hey fam, pleasure to make your e-acquaintance. My name is Eric Choi with Hamilton Devices, a CCELL distributor. I have a bunch of experience(as I test all hardware, both CCELL and HD extensively) but obviously I’m biased, heh.

Now when you say pod system, are we talking battery + disposable Pod systems?
All of CCELL pod systems are made to be used with super-thick-viscous oils; most have no issues even with CCELL’s carts, let alone their pods. CCELL does have a number of pod+battery systems available; let me know if you wanted more info, happy to share!

-Eric Choi

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