The best and only 1 full-ceramic cotton-free cartridge for CBD and THC oil

Hi FT4200 Friends,
This is Tony here, Ecap IC series cartridges updated, CL6/CL7/CL8 CERALL as the world’s first and only full-ceramic cartridge hot for CBD and THC oil, welcome to test.
Interested pls DM me or contact with me by email


“The ceramic comes from the mountains of Italy carved out of the most rare rock formations to create the best vape ever”

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: …neat

No offense Tony tone. Lol idk u or anything but I’ve dealt w the Chinese sales ppl. Idk of anyone who is more full of crap then them. *I’m saying the china market space NOT Chinese ppl. I love ppl …hate racism. Just wanna be clear.

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Hi sir, I understand you, but you know in Chinese have a population base of 1.4 billion, I think no matter which country with this population, You can reach out to any kind of people you like or dislike.
For myself, as someone with 11 years of sales experience in the vape field, I believe I can solve most of all clients’ troubles, I don’t promote untrue things to my guests. For our ceramic material also produce by ourselves factory, we professional in this area, and are the supplier for brand many CBD cartridge manufactures.

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As far as I known, ALD and AVD stop using your ceramic coil for many years.

Nobody like to leak the products to competitors, and your ceramic coil is easy to find the alternative suppliers.

I think ALD and AVD are not happy to use them for advertising.@ciliconofficial @AVID

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No, many cartridge manufacture still use our 2nd Generation ceramic coil, do you know why? Because our latest patent Integrated core and PREFILM core do not sell to any other company, only use for our own CBD cartridge and Disposable Vape product.

We have never had issues with ECAP ceramic coil technology in the past. Naturally, over the years, we have developed relationships with several ceramic coil suppliers.

We’ve met with ECAP many times over the years and have been willing to test some of their latest innovations for both coil and their fully assembled cartridges. Unfortunately, we’ve never felt their cartridge assembly or designs met our quality and consistency standards and continue to do this in-house within our own dedicated factory.

ECAP does have an NDA with our company to not disclose information between our companies which is concerning that they have made such major pushes to actively market themselves as one of our suppliers, which could be considered a violation of our NDA.

But then again, who would believe that a Chinese factory would honor a business contract? Anyone with experience working with China should know that things like this are hard to trust or enforce.

This is a reason why we have actively sought out a diversified supply chain within China for our products today.


I do not think it is use AVID for advertising, because I think share it just for help many people new join this industry, help them avoid some scam companies, because you know in the market have too many company under the banner of all-ceramic, but sell junk products. If you think it could be considered a violation of our NDA, I want to say sorry to you and delete this post. @AVID

Pls back to the original advertising. It is unreal that Ald and AVD sourcing ceramic coil from your company.

I already say it is not advertsing, just have too many junk products in the market, I want tell more people what is real full-ceramic carts, Ecap do not need advertsing, clients trust our quality and service is enough. But for you, you understand what is real full-ceramic?

It need to be proven by the market.

Our FC20 full ceramic cartridge already exported more than 20 millions units to USA, market can talk. we are the original full ceramic creator.

We understand the market needs and always develop the best products for customers.

I think so, I do not want to say how many we exported to USA, and I do not care how many you exported.
Just for the R&D and innovation capabilities, I don’t think you are on the same level as us, so we are not competitors.
In fact, on the patent issue, We have our own patents and will not be affected by ccell lawsuits, how about you?

You are arrogant! like the frog in the well knows nothing of the great ocean!

We got our patent much earlier than your company, our coil construction is total different with ccell coil, that is why more and more customers choosing our cartridge after the CCELL 337 Lawsuit.


It is not arrogant! II’m just stating a fact!
You just has been in this industry for about 5 years, Not to mention our own cartridge factory, our own ceramics factory already has been more than 5 years old. In ceramic carts area, we have the most patented for ceramic formulation.

And stop arguing, the market will know and choose the better one.

Update, IC series: IC-S/P/R
email free

email free

D14 ready

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various colors CL8 full-ceramic cotton-free cartridges in stock, can shipping directly, DM me if you need.

Watching chinese argue about patents and NDA’s is stupidly comical… Even more so when it’s 2 chinese arguing with each other (or at least trying to make us believe they are arguing with each other)