Thcv questions

Is there any prices around for thcv ?

How is it isolated ?

Thanks for any help

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Anybody know more about the company Doug’s varin? How do we get seeds and cuts

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his website wont let you in because it is shittily designed. If you ever find out who he is, lmk so I can fight his webmaster for putting up a age prompt I literally have to edit out to pass.

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Isolation is via chromatography from specific strains. It can also be synthesized.


Been understanding that it comes out predomently in the heads on a well refluxing spd head
It is a less viscus than thc


We have some higher THCV disty that sits at around 6.5% comes from a bred out landrace hemp strain with low D9-THC, getting some around %10+ soon. I had posted a thread about removing some of the CBD to prevent crystallization and increase the THCV ratio.