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Interesting article, thank you for bringing that to our attention. We will definitely need to review current federal and state laws as they are constantly changing, and being more clearly defined

Currently Our agreement with a licensed Hemp processor in such transaction. The articles comprising each shipment or other delivery made hereafter is guaranteed as of the date of such shipment, to be on such date; 1. Not adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of Federal or Provincial Food and Drug acts, 2. Not an article which may not be introduced into commerce by the same acts, and 3. Not in violation of the regulations of any other governmental authority.
The seller further guarantees that this material is in process and that the buyer’s communicated purpose for this shipment is to dilute the material into fully THC compliant customer formulations or have its THC content remediated to compliant levels. The guarantees given herein are continuing and shall be in full force and effect until revoked in writing.

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Being in process doesnt matter, in CA any product you sell must be tested and conform to THC guidelines which as shown above included total thc. Also, CA restricts the use of thc isolate of any kind. Here are emails that i sent a few months ago reaching out to the CDPH (California department of public heath) which is the issuing agency for the IHEO license (which is required to sell ANY hemp product in CA) do you have an IHEO license? Probably not and if you do i guarantee they didnt appove you to sell thc a (any product or extract sold in CA has to be approved by the CDPH and tested).

Here are the direct emails between me and them

“Assembly Bill (AB) 45 (Aguiar-Curry, 2021) requires
that all IH products that are sold or distributed
in California shall conform with all applicable state
laws and regulations. Manufacturers must include a
certificate of analysis to confirm approved THC
concentration and product content, and they must
provide proof that the IH product in its final form or
extract was from an approved IH growing program.”

As you can see this includes extract and is for ALL industrial hemp products sold or distributed in CA

“The industrial hemp raw extract, in its final form, does not exceed THC concentration of an amount determined allowable by the Department in regulation, or the mass of the industrial hemp extract used in the final form product does not exceed a THC concentration of 0.3 percent.”

Here you can see that extract, whether it be raw extract or in its final form must be tested for THC concentration which was defined above as total thc after decarb

So there isnt really a in process loop hole here… i hope you realize selling out of CA that if someone gets popped with this it wont be considered hemp and your customers wont have a legal defense. Even on a federal level a hemp product must comply with the state law where it was manufactured or it isnt hemp so even the feds can fuck you.


Thank you for that information, do you have a solution or a recommendation of a state that would be more favorable? What about somewhere like Seattle Washington?

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The WSDA Hemp Program only licenses Hemp Farmers. Our state law (RCW 15.140.060) says: “The department must issue hemp producer licenses to applicants qualified under this chapter and the agriculture improvement act of 2018. The department may adopt rules pursuant to this chapter and chapter 34.05 RCW as necessary to license persons to grow hemp under a commercial hemp program.”

Hemp processors can register with the WSDA, and receive a registration certificate, however this is only to register your business with the WSDA, and it is not a form of licensure.

No agency in the state of Washington has regulatory authority over Hemp processors. The only authority is for Food Processing and you will require a license through the WSDA Food Safety division – see below. There is also a license issued by WSDA to protect state farmers, the permit is issued by the Merchant Commission Act Licensing Program – see below.

(under processing and manufacturing)


(ww) [(49)] “THC concentration” means percent of tetrahydrocannabinol content of any part of the plant Cannabis, or per volume or weight of cannabis product, or the combined percent of tetrahydrocannabinol and tetrahydrocannabinolic acid in any part of the plant Cannabis regardless of moisture content.


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Seems like there are many people selling bulk isolates. Of course someone selling on a forum isn’t going to be legally compliant. If they were, they’d be selling to a broker or directly to a consumer with full licensing.


Thank you, for looking out, and calling out bad actors as individuals, I don’t agree with making a couple loud mouth reckless rats the poster boys for a whole country. I have some great Canadian friends that are solid




Merika! Fuck ya! Home of the 10g moq
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Rat bastard has the nerve to delete his rat post, then say “we will further review this with a second test.”
Fucker better have some savings because no border can protect you from yourself.


A few of the companies I source for has large diamonds! Shoot me a message


Everyone has large diamonds, make your own thread and get a Hemp slanger tag @Michele_M your ads are not allowed until then.

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i saw this rat trying to play the bubbleman story before this shit show happened lol guess you thought some of us Americans wouldn’t know how you fucks do business.


I can talk over a decade of this bullshit “i lost the hash but signed the receipt” clan.

I can actually say I did business with Bubbleman and his close partners, and have the receipts to prove it. GTFO. You’re not welcome riding homies curtails. The Few Notable, Name Brand Canadians in the game want nothing to do with you being a Narc.

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I’d like to send @pangea a certified letter what’s his address?


If you find it my distribution partners are happy to help make sure it arrives safely.


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I contacted jason for an 100g isolate order late Tuesday night. Paid invoice at about 530pm Wednesday. I received my package by 9am Saturday! Shipped Thursday, talk about quick delivery! USPS deserves a pay on the back this time! I’m in pa fwiw

My brain can’t tell the difference between octave isolate and cannaclear diamonds that I crush and mix with terpenes.

Great product fast turn around time.

My only 2 wishes?

I wish the jars (50g each, nice instead of one jumbo) would ideally have their weight labeled on them so customers can calculate how much they have left.

I wish I could afford a kg, but unfortunately my status means my bank account is restricted to never go over 2k, so even under best savings I can’t do that lol

However a half kg I foresee in my future.

This is nature’s medicine y’all do gods work!


Actually I need to clarify, Ive found a difference!

My drdabber switch has been out of commission for nearly a year, because the glass keeps clogging. (I broke and got a replacement)

Turns out the cannaclear diamonds have to be the fault not the new glass piece!? I’ve put about a gram through it, and it’s not clogged, where as the cannaclear diamonds a single .2g load would plug up?!

So that’s a win for octave isolate. But I question… what exactly scientificly could cause the plugging? Some contaminate or salt or something?