THCa from Dextrose. Ready synthesized DNA sequences

4 sequences for genetic transformations of S Cerevisiae to produce CBDa and THCa.

To make diving headfirst right into microbiology more interesting.

Cost of scale up (copying of plasmids using ecoli) is above.

If you’ve always wondered about that yeast THC CBD thing. Save your self the DNA synthesis cost.

Reach out and I will start an order on my account and put the person ordering in an email thread with the company. I open the order and you finish it by supplying shipping addresses and billing info.

Blue Heron is a subsidiary of Eurofins Genomics.

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Can you describe of each plasmid in more detail.
You mention CBD and THC…but you mean THCA and CBDA?
Dextrose to CBGA…lay it out.

Why are you not selling transformed yeast?


Eurofins was doing feminization testing for us a while back

How did that work out?

Im not selling anything. Just promoting interest into microbiology, genetic engineering, pathology.

With biological weapons becoming the weapon of choice even for low level street gangs. No one shoots a pistol anymore. They get access to the hose connection outside a person’s house or apartment and pump in when the target or target’s child showers. Most wouldnt even notice and just call it an act of God that they or their child is dying.

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If we start the plunge today into exponential growth of knowledge in this subject today in 50 years collective knowledge, achievement and accomplishment will be far greater.

These plasmids are not for commercial use or production. The sequences are from the Librede patent. Commercial legal use or production of cannabinoids requires authorization of patent holder. In the US commercial production is not specifically legal. Production would be quasi-legal or illegal.

Production in US is grey area. Uses hemp DNA but not happening in the plant. Possible Schedule I. The best you can do them in the US is shoebox money or caselaw stating hemp DNA is good enough to be hemp.

Colombia is not part of WIPO. You could try commercial production there. No government enforcement means there is private enforcement. Hire terrorists is the only method of private IP enforcement. Facility bombings etc. If the government fails to do its job you must act on your own or hire a private contractor.

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Any reason they havent done cbdpa or thcpa?

I think these would be worth alot more then something you can easy obtain from the plant itself

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That is what I call a very strange response.
Very strange,
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I would certainly recommend to 4200 admin and users not to have anything to do with you.

Why don’t you take your plasmids to Reddit.

What else can you do to privately enforce IP? Get creative smart guy.

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Im sure this totally beats out any late night calls youre talking about… feel free to send me an outcall though :joy:….

Biosynthesis/enzymatic pathway needs to be identified from DNA sequence. Does a other plant have the same enzymatic pathway(s) already sequenced/identified?

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Technically its the same pathway inside the plant it just starts with spheriphoral instead of olivetol

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Do any other plants have this pathway and has it been identified and sequenced?

Thcp presence may have been a spiked sample :joy::wink:. Just a possibility. Who cares it gets people high