THCA extraction from bad flower

Distillate/cannabis distillation uses either hydrocarbons or ethanol as a solvent.

In my opinion, distillate requires the most chemical interference/alteration out of all the methods of extraction.

It doesn’t need to be freeze dried, there is tricks to prevent rapid oxidation. There is still a huge debate about whether or not freeze drying damages sensitive and rare terpenes during the stress caused from cycling between frozen/heated to sublime the water, although the temperature remains low in a freeze dryer the stress can be damaging.

They only use them on a large scale in processing facilities because they’re fast and efficient for drying.

No it doesn’t, the fine art/tek of air drying can give you some amazing quality bubble hash/ full melt as well. Parameters you can achieve will be helpful as well in terms of cold storage, like a freezer that can hold trays worth of hash to dry.

Much like making bubble hash does not require a freeze drier, collecting trichomes does not require making “bubble hash”

On the other hand, making CBD isolate generally requires at least two solvents. A primary extraction solvent, and a crystallization solvent.

Folks using CO2 as a primary extraction solvent have been known to claim solventless. Then go ahead and winterize in ethanol, distill their cannabinoids, and crystallize in pentane

I’m not going to claim one CANNOT make solventless CBD isolate, but I’m certain the folks you’re purchasing from are not making such a product.

See: Any Old School hash masters out there?


I concur…I’ve (open) blasted high quality resinous buds…broke em up alot and room temp…no stones…shatter (just coffee filter on end)

I’ve also blasted lower quality but froze everything

(Cold pulls almost no chlorophyll, waxes, lipids, fats etc.)

And filtered it much more…
Got diamonds after 2 days…fully formed in like 7 mightve been 5 days can’t remember.

Appreciate the info :clap:

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I would say Pentane but Ive never worked with the stuff and I’ve never made really good rosin before so Idk but there’s other posts about Pentane…

Imo Pentane juse seems scary to work with is all which is why I don’t use it.

My 2¢

I agree. A lot of people jump to pentane for non polar solvents. The reality is the boiling point is low for most post processing work. Heptane is much safer but any non polar should be worked on with a good mask and plenty of ventilation.


MSDS knowledge as well

I still have much to learn…


Lots of info here.

Not quite as easy to locate as it once was…


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