THC vape juice with RDA

Hoping somebody has experience with this.
I figure if you blend whatever concentrate down pretty fine, even if it doesn’t dissolve it can just be suspended in the solution. No decarbing so it should be solids floating around in the vape juice and you shake it up and apply to a dripper w/ short wicking. Even if it does separate you could just shake it up again before you drip. I’m thinking of adding steel bb’s to the juice bottle as well to help mix the juice and wax.
This probably won’t work for a tank but I have a few RDA’s laying around that I’m hoping to recycle.
Has anybody tried something similar to this before?

Of course they have. imo its a horrible idea, but it’s certainly not novel.

If you wish to pursue it I suggest: Advanced THC e-Juice / mods / tanks / coils / builds / recipes | FC Vaporizer Review Forum

Although with a little effort, I’m sure you can also find where it’s been discussed around here too

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with and RDA you might be able to find a ceramic dish that you can just put in apposed to a coil. Caps will probably not fit perfect. Or you could wrap a nice piece of ceramic or quartz.

Before I switched to pod vaporizers, I would just build like a nice 5 wrap 20 gauge coil. You could probably do like dual 10guage. For a little better surface, and just drop dabs on the coils when I wanted one.

Wasn’t the best way to really appreciate the dab… But it sure as hell did the trick. You’ll have to keep the cotton wick pretty moist, and change it way faster then just ripping vg/pg/nic


Thank you for the link! This thread looks like it’ll have a lot of relevant information

I actually had pretty good luck using a wickless coil using one of those fancy ass clapton coils. It was just a bit too messy to load. I’ll try a ceramic dish out sometime, that sounds pretty smart.

Rather than reformulating your meds to match your weaponry, you should seriously consider upgrading your hardware to something purpose built.


To piggyback on the idea of

with a

I can’t recommend the V5 enough. Several other members use one as well. As it sounds like you’ve probably got a few vape mods around, it’s a great option.

EDIT: There’s also the TRVP atomizer if you’re wanting to use coils.


I actually already have a V4 and love it… was def using it when I started playing with this idea :rofl: I think I’m pretty happy with my current hardware, just experimenting around for fun
I’ve also been thinking about trying an upside down quartz tube and getting the wax dripping downwards to the SS wick / coil. With the wick and coil plugging up the mouth of the quartz tube.

I wish there was a squonk box style option for hash. The billet box type mods seem to work pretty well, quite a few atomizer/bridge options if you go that route as well

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