THC syrup

Have you tried this?

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I recommend using erythithol please, much better as medicine.
It’s actually really easy to make a great syrup. My problem was hiding the astringent-ness of the emulsifier I use.
Plus, cancer and sugar is bad.


Yes. I have an SOP if you want to DM me.


Hey Nexus, I was hoping to get a copy of that SOP if possible. I added you on insta so I can DM you, if you get a chance approve adampiattday. thanks!

adding harmalas to your syrups?

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Would love that SOP if possible

is this shelf stable? Will bacterial grow in this fairly quickly at room temp?

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Depends on your formula.
Your need good emulsification and preservatives.
Standard food and beverage QC

If you create any food or beverage products it’s a good idea (and usually required) to get your Managers food handling and safety permit.
Each state is different but this permit requires a test which proves you understand, know and can recall some pretty basic fundamentals about food safety and risks to consumers etc.

If you do edibles you will likely need a certified kitchen…full circle :sunglasses::call_me_hand:

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We have a vertified bakery, but we don’t do any water based edibles (only cookies, brownies ect). Our tictures are oil based but wanted to encorporate a nano emulsified option similar to what dirty arm farm does.

We have great shelf stable nano (when kept sterile).

Now what to mix the nano with that will keep it shelf stable at room temp.

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What’s the time goal?
What ingredients are acceptable? Kosher? Vegan? Organic etc?

Read this :point_up:

You can get some solid products and information here on syrups and other medical grade product production. Used these guys for years.


Thank you, this is excellent.

Have you mixed those with thc before? It mixed without seperation? Only a couple are compatible with hydrophobic materials.

Yeah I made my syrup mixtures using thc distillate and the anhydro base that they have available on their site.

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How did it taste? Any seperation?

Thc is not water soluble

It can come out bitter depending on what you mix it with. I used their bitter block product to help make the taste more to my liking.

Can you please post a link of the exact products you used? I dont want to order the wrong one. I cant find an anhydro base on there