THC removal from CBD Distillate as a service


Hello folks, we are a lab in Maine that is looking for some help in removing THC from hemp derived CBD distillate made through EtOH extraction and SPD distillation. Unfortunately at this time we don’t have the $70k or so flash chromatography device to do this. And without further research, I don’t yet know how to achieve these 0% THC detected results I am trying to produce. Hopefully some one out there has the knowledge and or equipment to do this and I can pay them for their knowledge / service. Please reach out to me with solutions. Thank you in advance.


Contact @QGA he may be able to help.


someone mentioned that it was easier to just add more cbd isolate to your distillate until youre where you need to be

not sure if this works in your situation but figured id mention it


Cost effective?


Diluting the distillate with isolate would only be OK if the goal would be to get below 0.2% THC.

If the goal is to get “0%”, I guess it is in order to comply with certain food regulations, which are in general in the 1 ppm level or below (depend on country and product). This means below 0.001 %. In that case, just few drops of extracts will contaminate the isolate… :grimacing: