THC Remediation - West Coast Extraction Lab

Full scale West Coast extraction lab able to cost-effectively process Biomass, CBD Crude and Hot Distillate into non-detect Broad Spectrum Distillate, also known as T-Free. Specialists at maintaining the full Minor Cannabinoid profile. Located in Portland, Oregon. High quality, low cost, large capacity, fast turnaround. Fully insured CBD/Hemp Transport is also available. For additional information, please call/text me at 727-543-3419.

What are your rates?

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$350 per output liter for either CBD Crude or hot Distillate. MOQ is 40 liters.

“MOQ is 70 liters”

ooh baby!

Actually, the MOQ is 40 liters. I just edited my earlier post.

Updated pricing - $300 per output liter for Crude or Distillate to non-detect Broad Spectrum Distillate. Volume losses are minimized while maintaining the full minor cannabinoid profile. Please let me know if you’d like to set up a call or visit the facility.

THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE PRICE SIR!!! Please message me back when you can.