THC Remediation - Southeast Extraction Lab

Full scale Southeast extraction lab able to cost-effectively process Biomass, CBD crude and Hot Distillate into THC-Free Distillate. GMP and USDA Certified. None of the minor cannabinoids is lost in processing. High quality, low cost, large capacity, fast turnaround. Please call/text 727-543-3419 for additional information.

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Where does it have to be shipped for your lab work?

Columbus, Georgia


Tom, when you say THC-free, to what testing parameter are you referring? There are still trace amounts of THC in your distillate aren’t there?

It will be non-detectable, less than .1% THC. Some testing labs and clients may have stricter requirements and we will make adjustments to meet their criteria. Regardless, with any T-Free, there will always be some level of THC present.

:man_facepalming:then it’s not T-Free, is it?

Exactly. This is why I question why you are using the term T-free when it is not such. Let’s try to help clean up the vernacular for the industry. THC-free is misleading to consumers and even a lot of “home chef” formulators as it is regularly put on packaging along with broad spectrum when in reality there are still detectable levels of THC in the product.

What method are you using in remediating your THC if you don’t mind me asking?

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Yes as someone who does THC remediation every day, I’m confused as to how you can claim “no loss in minors”. To me this just feels like you’d be cutting the final product with minors.

At the very least a little loss in either cbn, CBC, or cbg seems inevitable.

@TomSCook any insights here?

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Okay, when you do THC Remediation what level of T-Free do you end up with?

We’re not cutting the final product. Happy to set up a call with my chemist. We’re using Industrial Chromatography.

Everyone I know that sells distillate that’s non-detectible refers to it as THC-Free. However, as testing labs become more exact, THC will be detected at lower levels. The commonly cut off for non-detectable is .1%. What do you think the definition of THC-Free should be?

I don’t do remediation work. But I am quite familiar with it at bench and industrial volumes. It depends entirely on your feedstock and SOPs. Total separation is regularly achieved.

‘Non-detectable’ is entirely subjective, especially if not concurrently publishing the MDL. You’re doing consumers a disservice by claiming anything with 0.1% THC is T-Free. It will (may) still cause someone to fail a drug test. At best it’s false advertising. At worst it’s adulterated product and gross negligence. You’re exposing yourself to massive amounts of liability.

As I said, I’m happy to set up a call. There’s no false advertising. We’ve got plenty of clients that are thrilled with what we do.


In fact, Siosis was on the phone with us earlier today. What did you think?


Sounds like a solid set up. Good pricing. GMP and USDA certs. 1000 kilos a day capacity and ability to expand upon need. Had a good convo with the facility sounds legit. We will most likely be sending a sample over there in the coming weeks


They told me on the phone ND not .1% thc

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Send me a sample (1g) of this supposed “Total Separation”. I guarantee you I will find THC in it, it’s certainly not hard to decrease a dilution factor or increase a sample weight to “detect” THC.

If you manage to reach the limits of an HPLC, just run it through a mass spec, then you’ll be able to find it in PPB.

I do a good amount of potency testing and I also test a good amount of “CBD isolate”. I have never seen a sample with less than 0.005%THC. I’m talking about Snow White 99.94% CBD isolate, now maybe I’m just testing isolate with unusual amounts of THC… or maybe THC free is a “unicorn” and it would be disingenuous to say that any product (especially concentrates) that are derived from hemp aren’t going to have THC in it.

It seems unreasonable to call out @TomSCook for being “disingenuous” for using a common marketing term for his oil. To call anything, even isolate “THC free” is simply a ridiculous statement in my opinion.

If anyone would care to prove me wrong I would love to test anyone’s sample, I’ll send you a copy of the data and show you the THC.