THC Remediation in South Carolina

Hello to the Community,

SC Botanicals proudly announces our RE-OPENING!

Starting now until the end of September; we are offering our THC Remediation Services for $250 a kilogram.

Our proprietary method can remediate total THC to Non-Detect or Compliant Levels.

We offer our remediation services for the following types of oil.

Winterized/Decarbed Crude

CBD Distillate

Mother Liquor

CBG Crude

CBG Distillate

We can also remediate NON-Winterized/NON-Decarbed crude oil but this product will require winterization. (Additional Fees for Winterization)

SC Botanicals LLC 1 - Potency.pdf (3.0 MB)

SC Botanicals LLC 1 - Trace THC.pdf (1.7 MB)

SC Botanicals LLC 2 - Potency.pdf (3.0 MB)

SC Botanicals LLC 2 - Trace THC.pdf (1.6 MB)

Thank you,

SC Botanicals


Where are you located in sc

How do you describe your method to customers?



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To what molecule? It’s a hot button topic rn


Prolly degradation to CBN


@SCBotanicals what’s your fee structure for Winterization?

It’s Rickys all the way down

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It’s rickys all the way down, doesn’t mean @SCBotanicals is

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Not really sure what “Ricky” means, but let us keep the drama out of this.

@Mosaic_Co-Labs , I’ve tried calling you on multiple occasions no answer, I am interested in buying that mother liquor from you.

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Wait wait…now I’m super confused. I sent you a pilot for remediation at one point…everything went well with the analytics but I was unable to use the product for reasons unrelated to the analytics…this was back in like February or March…you guys were prompt and professional far as I remember… I apologize if I missed the opportunity to do biz… let’s re-engage on that discussion. Call me anytime!

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We have reduced the price of remediation to $150 dollars a kilogram.


Is that input or output also what is your MOQ

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I know a muthafucka in NC who may need your help, so answer last dude’s questions please

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Our MOQ is 3 kilograms for this introductory price.
Our current input is 200 kilograms a week for thc remediation.

So what are the volume losses on average

The volume losses are roughly 5%. 95% of the time it is closer to 3%, losses are determined by the amount of impurities in the oil to begin with.

So if I send 10 kilos, expect 9.5kg out?

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