THC levels in Hemp BHO

Hey folks, we are trying to make a CBD BHO from low thc(<0.1/0.3%) hemp. What are the expected levels of THC following extraction- Is there any hope of keeping the THC in a product below a level that makes it legally compliant in restricted jurisdictions?


Depends how you want to read the rules.

Your BHO will be in the 2-4% THC range in my experience.


I am very interested in this, as well. I wonder if this is a viable processing option for CBD, CBG, and CBN producers.

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It works way better than etoh but theres no hope of staying compliant.


I have been able to use butane to produce dabs with delta9 thc below limit of quantification. The total thc usially runs between 3-4% but I have seen it as low as 1% before. I am working on a way to “remediate” some of the thc during extraction but I’m still not quite there yet.


Probably 2-4% THCa.
Delta 9 will probably be compliant.

But Total THC is what matters, so I’d bet money it’ll come out hot.


That’s very interesting guys, thanks. It does sound like we’ll be flirting with non-compliance unless we come up with some remedial process. Back to the drawing board!