THC Inhalers

Making THC inhalers. When we use anything besides THC it doesn’t give a tingle in the back of throat. THC does. Any suggestions in how to fix that?

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are you talking about hash sprayed into your throat? I have experienced some nasty stuff when making emulations, the way the hash would drop out and instantly cling to the back of your throat was sticky and kind of burned a little.


No, just like asthma inhalers.

Iv’e never “hit” an asthma inhaler, does it burn?

This answer is coming from my asthma experience, not thc inhaler experience.

Consider using a spacer. It allows the vapor to fully expand and be inhaled properly, avoiding the direct overspray to the back of the throat, and allows the bioavailability of the medication to go way up (you can easily notice the efficiency boost through the difference in how much better the medicine works.

You can also see if you have a misfire due to not shaking, extreme temperatures, or to frequent use.

They also have a valve and a whistle to give an indication of proper breathing strength for the inhale. Particularly useful for people who are not used to using inhalers.

May or may not fix your problem, either way it’s a good idea


Here is the setup and one of the inhalers. When you take a “hit” it only tingles the throat with THC. CBD inhalers are just fine. Like an asthma inhaler. No feeling in the throat at all. Some companies in the states have them with THC and they do not have an effect on the throat.

I’m going to try the spacer and see what happens.

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what are you using for the propellant?

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When I used to make CBD bho, the dabs would expand my lungs instantly. Definitely a cool product if dialed in.

Are you making a DPI?

Ethanol. When we do with CBD or just etoh it doesn’t do it at all. Just like an asthma inhaler.

I rubbed washed raw decarbed diamonds on my gums once… Burnt and tingled my gums for hrs! I remember telling @Soxhlet about it! Thc definitely gives that tingle!