thc distilatte into mct oil

Can anyone help me in regards to the making of a tincture with mct oil,thc distilatte and cbd isolate.I have 1 gram of thc distilatte and 1 gram of cbd isolate and a bottle of mct oil.I was hoping someone could run me through the process of combining the 3 properly without screwing it up.I heard about giving the 3 a warm bath so they mix togeather properly.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Stir together on hot plate with a bit of heat.


for that amount, depending on the potency of your disty but to make it easy, lets say its 100% so is your isolate.
i would put 50ml of MCT in a beaker with a stir bar, heat it up to 65-70c
then add your concentrate/isolate slowly not to overwhelm your mix and once its done , let it stir for 30-40min
then kill the heat and keep stirring for another 20-30min
this will give you a balanced tincture 1:1 @ 20mg/ml of THC/CBD


This is very helpful since im making tinctures soon…would adding essential oils such as mint making any difference in the process or even flavorings as well ?

make sure to account for the volume of whatever additives you use, beyond that nope