THC Compliance

I’m learning about THCA a little late. Our state will go to total THC next year but this year is still Delta 9 only. I want to see how doable this is before I jump in too far. Not interested in a debate about whether or not this is legal or how someone should just grow outside of a hemp program.

I spoke with some testing labs who said that pretty much all marijuana is almost exclusively THCA in its raw state. One guy suggested testing weekly and harvesting before trichs turn amber. Does anyone know about the variation in different strains by looking at COAs? For example I’ve been told by a breeder that Thai genetics are all THCA.

We only have to do a pre-harvest test 30 days beforehand. Our state does not require any post-harvest testing. You still have to worry about Delta 9 levels afterwards when it comes to law enforcement however. Are there things that can be done to delay decarb such as cool dark storage or even refrigerating fresh material? If it is doable and keeps me legal I would certainly be willing to do what it takes rather than another season of pretty much worthless CBD production.

Im not sure If it helps, but my last hemp crop was .2 d9 and .6 thca. I did not harvest early.


Sure would love to find a resource for posted COAs.

All strains of Cannabis, no matter the breeder, are THCa before smoking/processing.

It only becomes THC once is has been decarboxylated. The state will calculate Total THC by taking raw THC and multiplying by decarb rate of .877


In order to prevent decarboxylation, would freezing fresh material suffice? It seems to me that in order to be legally sold in states such as mine which only count Delta 9, you couldn’t really sell dried flower could you? There are several companies in my state that are shipping high THCA flower to all 50 states but they are selling dried.

I have a bunch of strains I want to run before our law changes but I would be looking at 55 a pop per test. One breeder suggested just harvesting before any amber should avoid anything running hot.

Did you ask Kat about testing? Maybe they can do better.

They have been threatening to change the law for 3 years now. Maybe we will survive…

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I will reach out to her. I have a minimum of 10 strains I want to play with. Everything from 16 week sativas to yours, Z6 x Harle-Tsu, Harlequin crosses with Gorilla Cookies, Chemo.etc LOL

I just spoke with Dep Of Ag yesterday to get clarification on THC regs. They seem sure that we are going to Total next year.

Pretty sure her lab has been running for several months.

They told me the same thing last year, but it will probably happen one of these days. I have to say they are more competent then my home state.

I’ve actually found them very easy to deal with. My only complaint is that they still take in all that revenue from licenses without warning us poor fools.

Right, and they subbed out their compliance and now charge for the service of collecting and testing samples.

They use New Bloom and charge 10 bucks over the normal 55.

I spoke with the head of a company in North Carolina who is contracted with our state to do our compliance testing. He said the thca loophole is pretty much a joke. Kind of like revenge of the prohibition States I guess. He said we are allowed to ship across state lines because the total THC regs only apply to the farmers in those states and not to sales.

I am running 8 strains but he told me I only had to test one of them and I can choose which one. They use hplc and no conversion.

I also searched last night and saw where a senate committee voted to allow states operating under the 2014 pilot program provision to continue next year.