Thank u @indofab and @soxhlet

So I’m gonna honest and straight up
Recently I reached out to cema instruments @CEMAINSTRUMENT

I offered a review from me for free welded plate

Idk what else to do other than review it?

First this is how it came

After getting I noticed a few issues and posted then some friends spoke up…their cema plate didnt come like that…

Hmmm why would u send me b rated to review? I understand you only charged me shipping but I believe I could have chewed bubble gum up better for the welds. And wasn’t passivated

So next i sent it to the creators to be fixed

Its back in now and looks like something safe to use.

I really dont understand why he sent me garbage knowing I would review it when if u pay for it , it doesnt come like this I hear. Lol

I mean yeah I got it for free cry me a river but damn

Anyways shout out to dan @Soxhlet and @Indofab for fixing it for me.

Anyways after pics like I promised

Weld fully passivated

And they beefed the welds up…here’s a during pic then last 2 are finished pics

I have nothing bad to say about cema they tried …but u make the call

U see how much they care about their reviews. Obviously a ton huh


This is why i use killa for my SS instead of going direct. Those are some baller welds though on the cleanup.


my 2 filter plates from them don’t look anything like that

I wouldn’t use them if they did lol

That’s bad


stable argon-arc welding is beautiful job beefed on it.

Laser Welding only to fix it on top the disc.


Its called V2.0

Its called bad review…I’m sorry?

Glad im the terp man and not the filter man bc this one ashamed me


So nice unit, really good


Love your nice job.

Whenever Non-stop innovtion.

We consider to do cooperation with @Indofab They did good job,We know.

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U know cema I wasrt slamming.

Just wondering why u sent me something different than u send ur paying customers.

I mean yeah I got it for the price shipping and that’s basically free. Just u wanted me to review it so I figured why send me anything but ur best

But like u said…u collab w indofab

By straight up copying it
Thanks I’m done



Oh Yeah,I talked with my engineer,he told me its fine,previously we reduce heat on top of O ring.
Thus we dopt Laser welding.

But Its no good looking,We adopt stable argon-arc welding instead of Laser welding.

Big Thanks to @StoneD. Love it.



Your a good sport…or being smartass I cant tell really


tried my first go at welding today so regardless my hats off to u.

that shits frucking hard


What kind? TIG? Get your arc cherry popped?


flux core/mig. but was flux wire feed.

mostly welding screw holes on a shipping container I got dirt cheap to make it solid again

gonna rustoleum primer it after grinding rust spots down then I’ll spray the entire thing w coal tar based asphalt sealer


I still stand by flux core being the hardest procedure to get down despite it being most people’s intro to welding. Vertical up with flux core or stick is hell no matter how you slice it lol


so with the gas I have and standard mig solid wire it’s easier

my issues was at first wire wasn’t feeding fast enough. then when I got the wire moving fast enough the liquid metal would just drop off .

am I supposed to weld in like lil burst?

yeah this shit complicated

Lol yeah trying to explain how to get your heat and feed right to not overrun your puddle is… A complicated topic. The answer is usually more heat and weld faster but there are a ton of factors. You really can’t trigger the gun with flux core like you can with regular mig because it gets too dirty and you won’t strike right and you’ll get a shitload of porosity


I noticed this first fast…

yeah either my line wasnf fast enough or the puddle would blow away

also the flux tip was like plastic compared to mig tip

my dad says tomorrow he can show me what’s up

using .035 line on .030 head may be the reasoning behind the slow feed unless turned all way up

there was signs all over it so I’m having to weld them shut.

its not going completely under ground

my ground is sloped…the side against the hiuse will be sticking out 3ft about and the short side without the door about the same. on the other L side it will be completely outta the ground bc the ground so sloped. and itll be under a front porch will build on top it and a roof over the porch.

but I still donf want it leaking
i may steal the last 8ft for secret room down there w LEDs. bc after growing 4 small plants ts this summer its got me really missing quality material.

either I’m just badass grower or any trim or bud ever for sell is their b grade bc they kept all the A++++! for themselves!

Yep! Flux core splatter sizzling its way towards an ear drum sure as hell gets your attention.


I always get goaded by my guys into running a stringer or two while I’m not wearing the right footwear and the top of my feet show it lol. Nothing like a nice spall brining through your show and getting between your toes


Down a boot is even better. A shoe and sock I can get off pretty quick…