TFree Distillate For Sale - $5k/kg or $7/g

Broad Spectrum TFree testing at 87% CBD and 90% total cannabinoids.

Available by the gram or in bulk. COA attached.

BOOJUM GROUP Broad Spectrum Distillate - Potency (1).pdf (162.2 KB)



Have you ever made non-detect broad spec?

I have!

Edit: let’s do some math.

Crude costs $800/kg or less right now. Let’s very conservatively assume you only get a 60% yield to distillate. Cost to make one kilo of hot distillate would be $1333.

Assume you use a third party for remediation at $1/output gram and a very conservative 70% recovery. You’re in for about $1900 on distillate (because you need 1.4 kg distillate to produce 1kg t-free based on these assumptions) +$1000 in remediation costs. So, your COGS is about $2900. That’s about a 42% gross margin @ $5k/kg.

If you get better yields and do things yourself, or work with a really good remediation lab that gets better yields, that margin improves significantly at $5k/kg. Biomass has gotten cheaper, which makes crude cheaper, and so on.


Yea the wholesale market is hovering around $3-3.5k for T-free right now. Maybe $4k if you have the right certifications. I’ve already seen it dipping below $3k. I can find w/d crude for $500/kg and biomass for $10/lb right now.


We don’t outsource, this was extracted, distilled and remediated in-house and we do carry all necessary certifications.

The overhead isn’t cheap, solvent costs alone are around $400/kg, paying a qualified tech etc.

I also do my best to fairly true up our local farmers that were staring at an entirely different market seven months ago when they began planting.


We sell 3250 a K, no iso spikes, great minor profiles, and remediated in house. We don’t sell at that price because we want to, but that is what the market dictates unfortunately. Honestly that is the high side of the market too, just because most people are selling isolate spiked disty for the super cheap 2200-2800 a k.


What is isolate spiked distillate? are people adding isolate to bring their potency numbers up?

With minor cannabinoid prices dropping, when will isolate blends become preferred/acceptable? In my opinion, that is superior to distillate in a few ways:

  1. Consistent minor ratios for formulating. When I buy de-oiled lecithin, I know which grade I’m getting… 20%/50%/90% PC so that I can make a consistent product.

  2. Higher purity = less of the 10-15% “other” that we actually aren’t too sure about in distillate.

  3. It would basically look the same as remediated distillate anyways… it all becomes a rock at some point.

I’ve personally never made a blend of isolates, but I think that’s the way things should start moving. Look at most COAs for t-free and it’s basically CBG/CBD and occasionally a tiny amount of other stuff like CBDv/CBC/CBN. Then you have typically 10% impurity… degrades terps, lipids, mystery compounds, etc.

I’d buy that any day, if only because powder is far far easier to handle and package

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I’ve had this same train of thought as well. Especially when it comes to bigger corporations putting out products and regulations become more strict. They will want a consistent product which would require a consistent % of cannabinoids. As much as I hate seeing CBD isolate used in products, I see great potential for a blend of isolates.

Yeah, I understand that the economies of scale are very much in play at this point, I think prices do vary regionally however.

Yes I agree, I think major retailers will begin to search for consistent and reliable dosing which almost requires and isolated ingredients. And as education and awareness spreads regarding the minor cannabinoids, custom profiles as well.

Let’s just hope they don’t turn to synthetics.

I haven’t messed around with recombining isolated cannabinoids, but through remediation we are collecting distillates with varying - and consistent - ratios that could be easily recombined for custom profiles.

It seems like it’d be easiest with isolates, but I wonder if recombining pure cannabinoids will have the same ‘entourage’ effect as distillate all pulled from the same plant - combined via nature. I have no science to back this up but just a thought…

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